Customer acquisition is a catch-22. You can get great reach by blasting digital ads, but often at the expense of performance and finding highly vetted people. Our goal with AdRoll Prospecting is to give advertisers high performing audiences at scale.

It all starts with quality customer data. AdRoll Prospecting was launched eight months ago as a new way to drive both awareness and performance with a data co-op we call the IntentMap. As seen in AdExchanger, now that our customers have had time to try it out, we’ve gotten strong validation on the results. Today, AdRoll Prospecting and the IntentMap are even bigger and better at finding new customers.

What’s AdRoll Prospecting?

It’s a new way to acquire first-time customers. Prospecting uses the IntentMap™; the largest  opt-in advertiser data co-op in the world, which is filled with 1.2+ billion digital users powered by participating AdRoll advertisers.

Prospecting analyzes your website’s existing customer data for intent signals, which are interests and actions—like purchases, viewing product pages and event registration. Based off this rich information, we help find your best potential customers in the IntentMap. And because we look for highly active and highly qualified new audiences, the visitors Prospecting brings to your website are often much more engaged than organic traffic; nearly 30 percent more engaged, on average (based on data from Q4 2015).

What Has Changed in the 8 Months Since Prospecting Launched?

The IntentMap that powers Prospecting has tripled in size. It’s now based on data from over 3,000 advertisers from small-and-medium-sized business to large enterprises—making it the largest, most diverse advertiser opt-in data co-op of its kind.

This broad diversity gives you access to brand-new prospects sourced from audiences across all industries, pooling disparate consumers into a cohesive, surprising new audience.

Prospecting has also grown within our business; now accounting for double-digit percentages of daily AdRoll spend. Interest among our advertisers is high as well—opt-ins to the IntentMap have tripled since launch.

“AdRoll’s Prospecting has been a game changer for our marketing team, helping us find new customers at a rate that eclipses other platforms,” said Rob DiNuzzo, Demand Generation Manager at analytics service provider Datadog. “Just two weeks into our Prospecting campaign, conversion volume increased by more than 10 times, while CPA was 67 percent less than when we only ran Retargeting. Most importantly, we’ve seen excellent backend quality metrics from these conversions.”

Performance isn’t the only benefit. Prospecting is about providing value and accessibility.

“Prospecting levels the playing field, giving businesses across verticals and sizes the opportunity to get in front of their best potential customers,” said AdRoll President and CMO, Adam Berke. “Instead of expensive, large-scale bulk advertising, we’re taking a big bet on predictive data, which is far more nuanced and cost-effective for marketers.”

Prospecting is still in beta and our team is constantly working to improve performance and make it more transparent and helpful for advertisers. In recent weeks, we’ve updated Prospecting with the following features:

  • Visitor Insights Reporting: See demographic details of your prospects and how they have been engaging with your website before converting. Use it to inform your overall marketing strategy.
  • Conversion Insights Reporting: Take a closer look at your Prospecting campaign’s reach, quality of engagement on your website, and conversion rates.
  • Location-based predictive data: Prospecting algorithms now include predicting behavior by customer geographic location.

We’re thrilled at the progress prospecting has made in the last eight months, and we’re just as excited about what’s to come. With our current growth, we’re seeing advertisers join prospecting weekly, which means prospecting will deliver even more engaged, new audiences in the future.
If you’re interested in joining thousands of advertisers seeing success with Prospecting, sign up here.