We’ve been hard at work making our dashboard more intuitive and our product offering more robust. Take a look at some of our favorite updates from the past few weeks.

Updates to targeting:


You can now get even more control over your campaigns. With our newest updates, you can exclude segments of potential customers by blocking computers or networks from your retargeting efforts based on their IP addresses. You can also block specific websites from showing your ads and create new segments of customers based on the pages they’ve viewed. For clients in the US, we now allow you to target and exclude audiences based on their zip code. Learn more in AdRoll’s Help Center.




Updates to campaigns:

Flexibility is the name of the game. With the updates that we’ve implemented to our campaigns, you’ll be able to do even more.

  • Resume your completed campaigns – Instead of duplicating a campaign, you can now simply click on the “resume” button to start running your ads again.
  • Edit your campaigns quicker – This gives you the ablility to edit campaigns and AdGroups directly in your dashboard.


  • Control your ad frequency — You can set guidelines on how many times a user sees an ad by establishing frequency capping in your campaign settings.


  • Estimate your reach — Our Total Unique Targeted Visitors estimator will project how many unique visitors you’ll be able to reach when you add or subtract different audience segments to your campaigns.


Updates to AdGroups:

Whether it’s uploading new ads, repurposing existing ones, or even tracking performance, ads just got even easier.

  • Built in UTM codes make it easier to understand which ads are driving performance. Our UTM code builder automatically appends a code into your ads so you can better see which ones are resonating with your customers. Have your own URL parameters? Not a problem. Add in your defaults and our builder will use them going forward.image02
  • You can also easily pause, resume, or copy your AdGroups. This means that if you really love an AdGroup you ran in the past you can quickly start running it again with our new “Resume button.” Alternatively, if you love almost everything, but need to change some settings, you can use our “Copy AdGroup” feature to choose which ingredients you keep and which ones you leave behind.


Updates to reporting:  

You can quickly assess how your campaigns are performing with our two latest updates to the dashboard.  We’ve added in a new return on investment (ROI) column into our Campaign and AdGroup summaries, so you can quickly evaluate which campaigns are doing well and which ones need attention. Additionally, we’ve also added in a cost-per-action (CPA) column into our conversion summary for advertisers with more than one conversion

Not seeing any values? Set up your conversion value tracking so these fields automatically populate and help you see the impact of your campaigns.



If you’d like an even more in-depth analysis, head over to our new ChangeLog. Updates to the dashboard will also be noted and marked through this platform moving forward.