We’ve always been firm believers that our customers should be able to leverage their data to create successful marketing campaigns across platforms, devices, and channels. In light of this, we’re proud to announce that AdRoll was selected as the Marketo LaunchPoint Technology Partner of the Year during the 2017 Revvie Awards.

In the last year, with our expanded partnership with Marketo, marketers can target key contacts with powerful, personalized ad experiences by combining firmographic attributes in their CRM—for example, sales stage, role, or geographic location—and their key contact’s intent behavior. Best of all, B2B marketers will finally be able to see the impact of their marketing efforts all in one place, back in Marketo.

Our partnership aims to help marketers get even more granular with their data and increase their ability to measure the overall impact of their digital advertising efforts. In fact, in the last month alone, we’ve already seen strong adoption of the new connector.

If you’re attending marketing nation, please feel free to stop by our booth from April 23-26th to learn more about our partnership. And don’t forget  to join us for some food, beats, and ping pong at SPiN on April 24th at 7pm—with an open bar to celebrate fully!

To learn more about how we help B2B marketers attract, convert, and grow their target audiences on a daily basis, visit our hub at AdRoll.com.