adroll-microadAdRoll is now integrated with MicroAd COMPASS, the supply-side platform of MicroAd, Inc.!

MicroAd, Inc. is the leading online ad platform in Asia, and MicroAd COMPASS the largest online ad inventory source in Japan. This is AdRoll’s first direct RTB integration with a local Japanese platform, and a pivotal part of our expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

MicroAd COMPASS is a programmatic ad platform that helps online publishers maximize their advertising revenue. The platform implements a “Full Flat Auction” when sorting through bid offers from ad networks, demand-side platforms (DSPs) and direct-sold ads, and identifies the most profitable ad unit to be displayed for each impression in real time.

Since launching last December, “MicroAd COMPASS” has opened in a number of other countries in the Asia Pacific region, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, and South Korea. Our latest platform integration with MicroAd COMPASS gives us increased access to ad inventory in each of these countries. We have completed integration in South Korea and Vietnam and planned integration in the rest, meaning AdRoll advertisers will be able to reach more customers across Asia as a direct result.

We are continuing to work to help Japanese advertisers drive higher ROI and achieve their advertising objectives by expanding local SSP integrations in addition to our existing rich global SSP networks.

The AdRoll MicroAd integration is an important step in this direction, and we are excited to see the positive results it drives for our advertisers.

For more on how Japanese marketers are adopting new technologies to understand and react to consumers in real time, download our latest guide: State of the Industry: Japan.

AdRollがマイクロアドの最新鋭SSP『MicroAd COMPASS』とRTB接続、広告配信を開始

AdRollは、株式会社マイクロアドが媒体社向けに提供している最新鋭SSP「MicroAd COMPASS(マイクロアド コンパス)」とRTB接続し、RTBを経由した広告配信取引を本日より開始しました!

「MicroAd COMPASS」は、媒体社の純広告や自社DSP「MicroAd BLADE」を含む複数のDSP、アドネットワークなどを一元管理し、最も収益が高い広告をリアルタイムで抽出し広告収益を最大化するフルフラットオークション機能(※特許出願中)を搭載した最新鋭SSPで、媒体社の広告在庫の収益最大化を自動化し、広告収益の最大化を支援するサービスです。

今回のRTB接続によって、「MicroAd COMPASS」を利用している媒体社の皆さまは、CPM課金(インプレッション課金型)での高単価RTB広告の取引量が拡大することで、さらなる収益の向上が期待できます。

また、AdRollを通じて広告出稿している広告主の皆さまは、「MicroAd COMPASS」が保有する日本最大規模の広告在庫への配信によって、よりROIの高いキャンペーンが行えるようになります。

日本のマーケターがどうやって新しいテクノロジーを駆使し、顧客に対してリアルタイムに反応できているのか?! 事実はこちら。State of the Industry:Japan.