marketo_adroll_blogpreviewIt’s been just over a month since we launched our Marketo Ad Bridge integration. But we’ve already started to see amazing results with customers who have taken advantage of the integration to connect their Marketo data to AdRoll retargeting campaigns.

AdRoll’s Marketo Ad Bridge integration connects a client’s retargeting segments to their Marketo marketing automation platform, a critical step in helping marketers sync with programmatic advertising. App Annie, the largest mobile app intelligence platform, experienced a 30 percent incremental lift in conversions as a result of the integration.

App Annie provides developers and publishers with a 360-degree view of what they need to know to build, market and invest in their apps. Clients like App Annie can add users to AdRoll segments on any web property with Marketo first-party data to better personalize content. Likewise, customers can setup audiences and classification rules on lead attributes within the Marketo interface and associate them automatically with AdRoll. Since the integration went live, 65 joint AdRoll and Marketo customers are already leveraging this powerful tool.

Check out this video to get started with syncing your Marketo and AdRoll accounts to retarget your Marketo leads with display and Facebook ads:

Now that the AdRoll/ Marketo integration is in place, it’s been really seamless to get started. As a company built on high performance technology, we appreciate solid integrations. We’re in the early days, but have already closed deals and seen lift at every stage of the customer journey. We saw a 30 percent incremental lift compared to our control at all stages within Marketo programs.”

Kirk Jorgensen, senior manager of user acquisition at App Annie.

“Marketo is excited to have AdRoll as a new Ad Bridge integrated partner, helping customers bridge the worlds of marketing and paid media. We are thrilled that App Annie is seeing meaningful business impact from our integration and partnership and look forward to more success stories with joint customers.”

Mike Stocker, director of business development at Marketo

Our vision is to allow marketers to use the best in class solutions of their choosing through seamless integration. As part of that vision, we’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help marketers sync marketing automation strategies with programmatic advertising execution. We’ve seen strong adoption of AdRoll’s Marketo Ad Bridge integration and we are excited to be providing another valuable tool our customers can rely on for high performance results.

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