With over 400 million engaged Instagram users, AdRoll customers are recognizing the benefits of layering Instagram in addition to their Facebook campaigns—as a way to extend their social footprint and drive reach, scale, and, ultimately, performance for their user acquisition efforts. In the last 6 months, we’ve helped our customers run campaigns and achieve success on this new mobile inventory source.

In recognition of the value we bring to our advertisers, we’re delighted to receive Instagram’s Ad Tech badge.


How AdRoll Customers Achieve Success on Instagram

After seeing a 12x ROI, DL1961, an NYC-based denim retailer, has added Instagram as a permanent part of their overall AdRoll campaign strategy. Olympia Scott, DL1961’s e-commerce manager, states, “As an agile marketing team, we have to be mindful about what we’re putting dollars behind. With AdRoll, Instagram has proven an effective platform to promote product launches.”

Instagram also proved to be a great way for the Los Angeles Marathon to scale campaigns and connect with runners. By running a cohesive campaign across Instagram, Facebook, and the web, Los Angeles Marathon drove thousands of conversions with a blended CPA of $6.18 (vs their $180 entry fee), and achieved 30x ROI on their blended campaign. Due to this success, the marketing team is keeping Instagram in their ongoing promotional strategy for future events. “Fewer events are on Instagram, which makes it a much easier medium to engage with customers and promote the Los Angeles Marathon brand. For 2016, we’ll be focusing on Instagram-specific content,” said Ryan Cavinder, marketing manager at Los Angeles Marathon.

It’s still early days for advertising on Instagram. And we’re excited to see how our advertisers continue to connect with their audiences as this channel matures.  


Instagram is proving itself to be among the most premium mobile inventory available to marketers; with over 400 million, highly-engaged users who contribute over 80 million photos and 3.5 billion likes a day, it’s easy to see why marketers have been clamoring to connect with their audiences on this visual medium.

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