AdRoll Gives BackAdRoll is doing our part to make the world a better place by dedicating volunteer hours in education, professional development, and community. The AdRoll Gives Back group sets up monthly company-sponsored events for ‘Rollers to participate in, as well as recommends additional opportunities with local organizations for ‘Rollers willing to go the extra mile.

From its inception AdRoll has made a commitment to be loyal to the customers we serve and the communities in which we live and work. This loyalty is one of our core values; it’s what makes us tick. That means we get out of the office and into our local communities to find opportunities where we might make things better. One salient example is our partnership with SASF.

10686979_869237729776478_2739881825294280153_nThis spring, we partnered with Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation (SASF), a non-profit dedicated to bridging the academic performance gap among under-served students in New York City, to establish a mentorship program with two local schools. Since then, we’ve been on a journey to help students discover their passions and think proactively about the future.

’Rollers visit SASF schools on a monthly basis to chat with students about favorite classes and sports teams, personal triumphs and hidden talents. We also get to share our backgrounds and careers, what we do at AdRoll, and passions outside of work. Not only do these sessions help educate students and get them excited about different career paths, but we also get to reflect on the work we do and the goals we set for ourselves.


SASF students Emmanuel and Aliyah pose for the camera at ad:tech NY.

Of course, we’re particularly passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, and want to expose more young students to the resources they need to turn their ideas into reality. That’s why we invited four SASF participants to join us at ad:tech NY this year and get a first-hand glimpse at innovation blossoming in the tech world. SASF site directors helped to nominate individuals with strong interests in tech, media, and business to attend the event with AdRoll and hear from the digital marketing industry’s brightest minds.

Each student spent a full day networking, exploring, and learning about different companies and what they do. Emmanuel, one of the students who attended, said: “the ad:tech conference gave me insight on what goes on in the technology field and the different technology careers that can be pursued.” Ailayah, another conference attendee, reflected on the surprising diversity of backgrounds and programs of study that led individuals to careers in tech.

As Deb Scher of SASF says, these types of opportunities help to draw students to the SASF program and encourage increased participation in the non-profit. We at AdRoll are proud to support SASF and are excited to continue playing our part in driving intellectual curiosity and bringing a fresh perspective into tech and media.

To learn more about Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation and how you can get involved, check out their programs and initiatives.

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