AdRoll becomes badged FFacebook Marketing Partneracebook Marketing Partner with Ad Technology and Facebook Exchange (FBX) specialties.

Our mission at AdRoll is to help businesses reach potential customers wherever they go online, and with 1.39 billion active users worldwide, Facebook® is a crucial part of that mission. So today, as Facebook announces its new Facebook Marketing Partner program, we’re delighted to share that we’ve been named a Facebook Marketing Partner.

facebook cross-deviceAdRoll is a badged Partner with Ad Technology and Facebook Exchange (FBX) specialties. This recognition speaks volumes about our commitment to adding value, driving innovation, and delivering high performance for our customers.

Badged companies were chosen for their diversification, innovation to the program, strong alignment to Facebook’s vision and policies, strong relationships and client management, transparent business model, and other distinct factors. The specialty categories we were called out for include the following:

  • Ad Technology: Recognized for our ability to scale and optimize Facebook ad campaigns through excellent self-service technology and our market leadership in client success and ad volume.
  • Facebook Exchange (FBX): Recognized for our proprietary real-time bidding (RTB) technology, high-performance dynamic creative, differentiated product, market leadership, and volume.

Even more exciting is that the program recognizes AdRoll’s support teams around the world with, with recognition for our focus in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, US, and the UK. The program also recognized our deep vertical expertise in key advertising verticals including Auto, eCommerce, Education, Retail, and Travel.

Advertising on Facebook continues to be a critical channel for our customers and we look forward to driving continued innovations as an official part of the Facebook Marketing Partner program.

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