Wonder what it’s like to work on the AdRoll team? Hopefully, our new ‘Meet that ‘Roller’ series will provide some insights into life at AdRoll.

Name: Aviva Lipkowitz
‘Roller since: October, 2014

I’m an engineer on the Internal Tools team, working to make life easier for my co-workers.

Internal Tools helps maintain the parts of our website that customers don’t see: things like reports and tools that AdRoll account managers use to launch and optimize campaigns. Basically, we help other Rollers work more efficiently, helping them help our customers.

Spirit Animal:

spirit_animals-group4_wideOur dog Boodah says, “Do right by the customer and the community“. Boodah is definitely my AdRoll spirit animal. My goal is for AdRoll to be an example to other tech companies of how to stay engaged with our amazing Bay Area community. With every decision we make, big or small, we should be asking, “How will this affect the larger community?” From our product to the way we hire, there are countless ways to have a positive social impact. I try to speak up about that as much as I can.


Favorite AdRoll memory:

Happy Halloween-6585Winning the Halloween contest in my homemade Elliot + ET costume was certainly a highlight! But I don’t want to leave out the work that we’ve done with our partner high school, June Jordan. Getting involved with them is one of the most important things I’ve been able to do in tech so far.

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