I was first exposed to the magic and capabilities of Ireland talent early in my career. It was the late 1900s, and I was a young software engineer at Microsoft. We were working around the clock to get Microsoft Exchange out the door–and at critical point in the push, we enlisted a Dublin-based Microsoft team, who helped with localization, building out applications, and sales and marketing. The Irish team was regarded as a secret weapon and helped us get to market. I developed a deep appreciation for what Ireland could do.

Fast forward to today, at AdRoll we’re privileged to be part of the new wave of companies setting European headquarters in Dublin. We have lots of great, familiar peers such as Airbnb, Etsy, Zendesk, New Relic and Nitro.

Today, we’re officially launching our new offices, over 20,000 square feet at Burlington Plaza. It’s currently home to 75 employees, but they’ll soon be joined by over 145 new hires, bringing us to a total of 220 Dublin Rollers in the next year. Every day, we’re expanding the Dublin office team with multilingual sales reps (fluent in 15 languages), account managers, and Delight specialists who can give our European customers the kind of experienced, dedicated service they’ve come to associate with AdRoll. We’ve even gotten some talented engineers and product people here.

ADROLLThis morning, we were honored to have the Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland) Enda Kenny join us to celebrate the occasion, and we discussed the opportunity in front of AdRoll.

Europe has 2x the Internet users as North America and is expected to have almost half a trillion dollars of online sales in 2015. Marketers across the globe are looking for new high performance way to drive customers. We shared with him how pleased we’ve been to find a wealth of great talent across the spectrum in Dublin, and folks elsewhere in the EU who have been interested in moving to the city.

On a personal note, it’s been amazing to watch our distinct AdRoll culture take root and thrive in new soil. As more talented people join the team, our Dublin roots will only grow stronger.

—Aaron Bell


A photo of a selfie of me, Marius and the Taoiseach remoting himself onto our DoubleRobot--the future is here!

A photo of a selfie of me, Marius and the Taoiseach remoting himself onto our DoubleRobot–the future is here!