Wonder what it’s like to work on the AdRoll team? Hopefully, our new ‘Meet that ‘Roller’ series will provide some insights into life at AdRoll.

Name: Andrew Pascoe
‘Roller since: May 2012

I’m a Sr. Data Scientist, applying statistics, control theory, and machine learning to our real-time bidding algorithms.

The AdRoll Data Science team falls under the Engineering umbrella. We develop our own software and infrastructure to put our algorithms into production. Our work has a visible, direct impact on the core metrics of AdRoll’s business. We’re engineers that have a variety of specialized mathematical tools and insights at our disposal.

jellyfishSpirit Animal:

I’d say the jellyfish would be my AdRoll spirit animal. Our jellyfish represents openness, honesty, and transparency. These are core values on our team, and we try to be as transparent as possible about what we’re doing and why. Part of the fun of math is you get to tell it like it is, because you have the equations to back you up. As a data scientist, you can’t always mathematically prove something every time. But when you can’t, the data’s empirical evidence makes for a nice substitute. 

Favorite AdRoll memory:

I have a set of amazing AdRoll memories, but my favorites are all of the same class. It’s really exciting to push out some new code and watch in real-time as your research, engineering, and analysis efforts pay off, with performance increases rippling throughout the system. Fortunately, these are memories that I get to generate on a regular basis.

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