AdRoll’s Culture Club is a social group that brings together representatives in each office to coordinate fun events and activities for our fellow Rollers. We’ve arranged everything from wine clubs to dog shows, ice cream socials to Thanksgiving dinners, flag football to yoga sessions. We think it’s a great way for folks to meet Rollers they might not get a chance to work with everyday. Plus, the activities we put together help make AdRoll a great place to work.

We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

One of our most recent ideas was to host a spirit week: a week full of activities to celebrate our culture and take part in some good, old-fashioned friendly competition.

We divided the office into six teams based on our AdRoll spirit animals:

  • Team Owl: Hire great people and help each other grow
  • Team Jellyfish: Be open and authentic
  • Team Bee: Build innovative products that work for lots of people
  • Team Dog: Do right by the customer and community
  • Team Monkey: Take work seriously but not ourselves
  • Team Beaver: Do more with less

spirit animals

With the teams lined up, we were ready to show what we could do! 

Who’s got the hustle?

When we planned Spirit Week, we wanted a balance of events that would highlight the best that AdRoll has to offer, from brains to brawn to community spirit. Our Rollers did us proud: 

Monday–Thursday: Canned food drive

canned food driveWe kicked off the week with collection bins where each team could contribute items for donation to the SF Food Bank. Points were awarded for the team that donated the most items—but, when it comes to community consciousness, everyone wins. In another, or technical sense, Team Bee won by donating over 650 individual items. 


Tuesday: Trivia night
Each team picked six trivia brainiacs to represent them at Tuesday’s Trivia Night, where the competed in six fiendish categories:

  1. Internet memes!
  2. Picture round: Forms of transportation!
  3. Literary characters!
  4. Music: Disney musicals!
  5. Dave the Vampire Skeleton’s Secret Round
  6. Doubles round: Spirit Animal facts!

After a fierce competition, Team Beaver walked away with the win. 

Wednesday: Shuffleboard tournament

Competitors from each team met throughout the day to test their merit on the shuffleboard table. Team Jellyfish was victorious, with four total wins throughout the day. Team Dog and Team Owl battled it out for second place, with Team Dog coming out on top. 

Thursday: #AdRollSpirit dress up day

CCu9wibVIAAcT0NThursday was a chance to show our true colors—literally! On #AdRollSpirit dress up day, each team dressed up in their team colors, with bonus points for Rollers who went the extra mile to don a costume of their team mascot. Points were awarded based on the number of Rollers who posted their spirit with the hashtag #AdRollSpirit.

Team Monkey may not take themselves too seriously, but they pulled a serious win.



Friday: Park day

Finally, the week culminated with Park Day, where the entire SF office came out together to enjoy the weather and spend some quality time together outside of the office. The final competition was a tug-of-war-battle, where Team Beaver earned themselves some brutal blisters—and one more win.



When all the points were tallied, Team Beaver took home the trophy and the SF Food Bank took home over 2,000 canned goods. And that’s something everyone can feel good about. 

Want to be there for our next great event? Check out the AdRoll career page and come roll with us!