At AdRoll, we’re passionate about our core values—and making them actionable. One of these values is wisdom, which is embodied by one of our spirit animals, the owl. Wisdom drives our commitment to hiring great people and helping them grow. Our Rollers have access to programs that can help them develop personally and professionally—and we provide ongoing opportunities for Rollers to advance their careers internally at each location and internationally at our offices worldwide.

But AdRoll isn’t the only one nurturing our Rollers. They became the people they are today thanks to amazing families and friends who supported them at every turn. Many Rollers now have families of their own, with spouses and children who contribute to their continued success.

That’s why we decided to partner with LinkedIn’s BIYPD for the second year running to welcome not only parents but also the relatives and friends who’ve contributed to our Rollers’ lives.

We’re proud to have celebrated BIYFD this month at all of our global offices in San Francisco, New York, Dublin, Sydney, and Tokyo. Our People and Culture Club teams worked hard to make it a memorable event. Multiple generations were able to attend, with some family and friends traveling from overseas to be with their Rollers. There were plenty of fun activities, including showcasing Roller events like AdRoll Gives Back, Culture Club and Employee Engagement initiatives. There were also plenty of fun games, happy hours, BIYFD swag, photo ops and tasty treats.

BIYFD honors another one of our core values: to take work seriously, but not ourselves. This is embodied by another spirit animal, the monkey. We realize that everything we accomplish at AdRoll is because of our incredible Rollers—and the people who surround them with love and support. It’s fun to see another side of the Rollers we work with every day, and we can’t wait to host the next BIYFD.

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