This is my favorite kind of news. For the third year in a row, AdRoll has been named one of the San Francisco Business Times’ Best Places to Work. This year, AdRoll was ranked among the top large (large? when did that happen) companies in the Bay Area. It’s incredible to know that as we continue to grow and scale our global footprint, our team and culture are still strong. I am excited that we continue to be recognized as a place where we can all work hard and be happy.

041715-bptw-editbannerIt’s also important to know that the results of this award are determined by an anonymous, voluntary survey from actual employees.

We’ve successfully built such a strong core by staying true to the following principles:

Invest in individual growth of our employees

A cornerstone of our employee investment is HonorRoll, our vibrant internal training program where AdRoll employees teach and learn from each other. Last year, we logged over 3,000 different sessions available to learn from. The mentoring ethic also spills into our day-to-day team culture, with engineering and sales teams that thrive on teamwork and collaboration. We invest in outside training and materials as well, including conferences and individual courses.

Build trust through transparency

We’ve learned that the more we share, the more employees engage and make better decisions. Our revenue, metrics, team goals and individual goals are shared with the whole company. Each week the exec team answers questions (anonymity encouraged) from employees live at our Friday afternoon all-hands. This seemed scary at first, but the benefit is that issues get surface and addressed, rather than linger behind closed doors. The other benefit is company leaders learn what is really going on in employees’ minds, and it makes it harder to get into a state of denial about challenges that need to be addressed.

Snuff out politics to create a culture of merit

Be real: no egos, no drama, no signaling. One of the best things we’ve heard from employees is that everyone really takes the time to get to know each other. We make sure that employees get 1:1 time with managers and executives both professionally and socially. Building strong rapport between teams, management and employees is important to developing a true culture of transparency.

There are many other factors that make AdRoll’s culture special. From our community outreach program, AdRoll Gives Back, to our sports teams (ranked #1 in soccer and softball) and culture clubs, AdRoll is a place to grow both personally and professionally. We are thrilled the San Francisco Business Times has recognized this quality in us, again.


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