AdRoll has many leading agency partners all over the globe. We chatted with Mabbly’s Art Director, Taj Tarsha, to find out how his team has produced amazing results for their customers and how they have utilized the new AdRoll and HubSpot integration.

AdRoll: Tell us about Mabbly. Where are you headquartered? What industries does your agency focus on?

Taj: Mabbly is a digital marketing agency located in the heart of West Loop in Chicago, right next to the Google offices and the new McDonald’s headquarters. We are a team of creative nerds who are inspired by “why” and driven by data. Creativity is in our character, and digital is in our DNA. We are a purpose-driven agency and are inspired every day to help transform businesses.

AdRoll: What does a day in your shoes look like?

Taj: At Mabbly, no two days are the same. As an art director, I work directly with talented designers, copywriters, video editors, and content producers. However, since I also work in digital, I work hard to create a digital strategy for every account I work on, and jam with data scientists and developers every day. The most important thing is that, every day, I get to wake up and be creative.

AdRoll: Can you name a few of your customers?

Taj: Most of our projects are under nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), but I can say that we work with a wide variety of customers, including technology startups, B2B players, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands both locally and globally. Most close to home, we work with Precision Software, a large trade logistics solutions company with headquarters based in Chicago, and also LIMITLESS Coffee, a local startup that sources clean beans and fuels the clubhouse of the Chicago Cubs.

AdRoll: What prompted you to use AdRoll?

Taj: When I first started working in digital about a year ago, so much was changing in the digital landscape. The only way I could learn how to advertise was to get my hands dirty and do it myself. It’s hard to find classes on Facebook Ads Manager and AdRoll Retargeting. Six months ago, Mabbly primarily worked with a lot of startups and small businesses. A month into my job, I was accountable for launching brand campaigns on Facebook and Google, with very limited startup budgets to achieve ROI. Because of this, I was forced to quickly learn tools, like the ones AdRoll offers, in order to achieve ROI on a small budget, using the resources available to me.

AdRoll: Can you talk about a successful AdRoll campaign you ran with a customer? What were the goals? What was the end result?

Taj: We’ve had a lot of success as an agency running campaigns for brand awareness on AdRoll. One of our clients is one of the nation’s largest frozen dough manufacturers, who is in the process of making a digital transformation. We launched a brand awareness campaign using AdRoll Retargeting to stay in the mind’s eye of B2B buyers who are also, ultimately, customers, featuring ad creative with people eating sandwiches—despite the fact that their product is private-labeled. The amount of impressions and low cost-per-click (CPC) we achieved was tremendous and we made the client feel like their brand was all over the place—think big fish in a small pond. My favorite moment was when our client called us and said, “I just saw our ad on”

AdRoll: You mention that your company likes to lead by example. Does this include running AdRoll campaigns for Mabbly as well? Tell us about the strategies you use.

Taj: We apply all digital marketing tactics that we use for our clients to Mabbly. Most recently, we relaunched a new website design for In order to promote it, we used AdRoll Retargeting on Facebook, using customer segments from all site visitors, and uploading a CSV file from the HubSpot CRM in order to reach more contacts.

AdRoll: Can you talk to us about the HubSpot integration? How have you been using it? Have you found it easy to use?

Taj: Our team has been tapping into old and new customer lists from HubSpot and integrating with AdRoll—it’s really awesome. It’s also nice to manually upload a CSV file with a custom list of emails. We’re considering starting to use it with many of our customers as well.

AdRoll: What advice would you give to companies looking at new ways to engage and nurture their audiences?

Taj: At Mabbly, the first thing we do is drop a pixel on all of our clients’ websites. This allows us to collect free existing customer data and intelligently target and nurture audiences. In my opinion, this is the easiest, most cost-effective way to engage and nurture audiences across the digital landscape.


Taj is an Art Director at Mabbly, a digital advertising agency based in Chicago. Before Mabbly, Taj worked as a management consultant in Chicago for two years, while pursuing an interest in creative direction and fashion PR in New York City, helping to build a menswear brand. Taj now lives in his hometown of Chicago as an entrepreneur and hopes to contribute to the startup ecosystem of the city.