At AdRoll, we love hearing about how our customers utilize our platform to drive results and succeed in their respective industries. In a highly competitive and overwhelming B2B market packed with vendors offering many different products, integrations, customer service levels, and new innovations, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition.

For AlienVault, a security platform that serves businesses of all sizes and industries, standing out against the competition by focusing on branding and continuing to drive lead generation was of the highest importance. With growing web traffic and an emphasis on serving educational content to the right audience, AlienVault came to AdRoll with the goal of re-engaging web visitors that did not immediately convert to a sales qualified lead (SQL).


The AlienVault team implemented AdRoll Retargeting on Facebook and the web, Prospecting, and our CRM integration in order to expand their audience, capitalize on unsubscribed users, and develop their overall brand identity.

“The beauty of the AdRoll platform is that it updates in real-time, so you can constantly test new things out and see immediate results. We use 20% of our overall budget just for testing, and a portion of this always goes to AdRoll campaigns,” said Brooke Leslie, Senior Marketing Manager at AlienVault.

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AlienVault’s extensive testing between AdRoll and a competitor led AlienVault to upping the ante with AdRoll. Compared to the industry average, they saw:

  • 38% Lower bounce rate compared to other advertising vendors
  • 53% Higher retargeting click-through-rate (CTR)*
  • 18% Lower Prospecting click cost-per-acquisition (CPA)*

We’ll let those numbers speak for themselves.


After their successful testing, AlienVault sought to further expand their audience and personalize their paid social reach through a CRM integration. By adopting AdRoll’s Marketo integration, AlienVault could target users who unsubscribed from their mailing lists with ads and eventually bring them back into their system.

Pursuing these unsubscribed users proved to be extremely successful: AlienVault effectively re-engaged unsubscribed users with a CTR of 0.14%.

At this point, the team was convinced; AdRoll’s full-funnel marketing platform was the best way to drive results and increase revenue.

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