We’re proud to present our first in a series of customer videos. In this segment, we feature Pantheon, a platform dedicated to simplifying website hosting and management for businesses. Pantheon has been an AdRoll customer for awhile and has continued to add various products from the AdRoll platform to improve their marketing performance, namely Prospecting, Retargeting for Web, Retargeting for Facebook, and most recently, CRM retargeting using our Marketo integration.

Within months of adopting AdRoll, Pantheon began to see results including:

  • Retargeting goal CPA: 22% decrease
  • Retargeting CTR: 0.32% 
  • Prospecting CPA: dropped to $157.05 to $62.15

To learn more about Pantheon’s success, check out our video below featuring Online Marketing Manager Emi Winslow and Matt Stodolnic, VP of Marketing and Alliances, as well as our Pantheon case study.