One thing we’ve noticed throughout the first half of 2017 is that many of our customers are beginning to place a large emphasis on using digital marketing to drive and maintain a constant stream of prospective customers to their site. One of the most effective ways that they’re doing this is by using products like AdRoll Prospecting, which finds new, interested audiences of users to incorporate into their other marketing initiatives—like retargeting and email campaigns.

The AdRoll team sat down with our customer Dario Derna, senior director of acquisition marketing at Pipedrive, to discuss his company’s rapid expansion, the challenges that keep his team on their feet, and the trends he’s on the lookout for

AdRoll: Recently, it’s been reported that Pipedrive is doing some exciting global expansion. Can you talk about the plans?

Dario: One of the first things we are doing is opening an office in Lisbon to expand our customer service and engineering teams. Other plans involve growing our partner ecosystem, strengthening our infrastructure, continuing to develop our product, hiring (a lot), and growing operations to support localization efforts across different teams.  

AdRoll: What does your role at Pipedrive entail?

Dario: I am responsible for our acquisition marketing strategy across paid, content, growth, and web.

AdRoll: You have many varying responsibilities. What are your top business priorities?

Dario: One of my top priorities is meeting customer growth and efficiency goals. More specifically, that means driving signups and attracting new, paying customers at an efficient cost for the business.

AdRoll: How important is prospecting?

Dario: Prospecting is still a fairly new approach for us but both retargeting and paid search have worked really well so far. We are going to use prospecting to open up our funnel and reach more of our target audience, but we have to run controlled tests to confirm that the economics work. Another important aspect of prospecting is being able to validate the impact it has on direct and organic channels, and Im excited to have AdRoll help us do this.

AdRoll: What AdRoll products are you using?

Dario: We’re Using AdRoll Prospecting and Retargeting across the web, as well as Retargeting on Facebook.

AdRoll: What do you value most about your relationship with AdRoll?

Dario: The AdRoll team is very proactive with regard to what’s going on in our account, and they bring a lot of expertise in B2B marketing.

AdRoll: What are the biggest challenges you’re facing in the business?

Dario: Maintaining efficiency of paid channels as we continue to scale them, as well as staying ahead of the curve in competitive ad marketplaces.

AdRoll: What trends are you keeping your eye on?

Dario: Mobile cross-device attribution, mobile-first marketing playbooks, and mobile onboarding UX.

Dario currently leads Acquisition Marketing at Pipedrive where he oversees the full marketing mix, including search, social, display, video, growth hacking, CRO and affiliates. He has previously overseen performance marketing and customer acquisition at high growth B2B companies like Gusto and Kabbage. Pipedrive makes sales management software for small businesses with big ambitions, serving 50,000 customers in over 140 countries.