In this Marketer Spotlight, we chatted with Kayla Faires, founder of Revel Interactive, a digital marketing agency for both e-commerce and business-to-business companies. Throughout her career in digital marketing, Kayla has worked with several agencies, honing her expertise while deepening her knowledge of various industries, including luxury retail, travel, real estate, high-tech, GIS, healthcare, nonprofit, and industrial.

ADROLL: How did you found Revel Interactive? Tell us more about Revel.

KAYLA: I founded Revel in 2012, as a sole entrepreneur, and began growing the team in 2013. I wanted—and this remains true today—to build an agency that provided partnership to clients, with a team that was cross-trained in multiple marketing channels. I also wanted to foster an internal culture that would allow our team to work fairly autonomously, while focusing on delivering the best possible results for our clients.

ADROLL: What are you most focused on in your business?

KAYLA: Revel is focused on digital marketing that supports e-commerce and lead generation. Our programs are partnerships, and we work as an extension of our clients’ teams to grow their businesses and support their goals.

ADROLL: As most of your customers are in the retail space, what are some digital marketing trends you have seen in the retail industry? How have you adjusted to those trends?

KAYLA: Over the last five years, many of our retail clients have shifted much of their budget from offline to e-commerce. Web and mobile purchases grow each year, and the trackable nature of digital allows us to see exactly what is performing.

Additionally, responsive strategies have become must-haves in the past few years as mobile continues to grow. We look at this as simply an extension of every program that is always included in our tactics.

ADROLL: What is your biggest digital marketing challenge as an agency?

KAYLA: As Revel is growing rapidly, balancing team allocation and quality programs for clients is our chief priority, so we spend a lot of time and effort on educating and training our team and clients. This can be a challenge in the fast-paced digital space.

ADROLL: What do you like most about AdRoll?

KAYLA: We love the transparency and flexibility AdRoll offers over other platforms. Many of our clients are sensitive to the frequency that retargeting ads are shown because they have such a great focus on brand experience; AdRoll allows us to modify these settings easily to achieve results, while preserving brand experience.

ADROLL: What AdRoll products are most of your customers using?

KAYLA: We are utilizing static and dynamic retargeting, as well as SendRoll, for our clients.

ADROLL: Our readers love hearing about how they can be successful in their digital marketing efforts. Can you discuss how you’ve used AdRoll to help a Revel Interactive client achieve success?

KAYLA: From November 2016 through February 2017, Revel used AdRoll to test retargeting efforts for Roller Auctions, Colorado’s largest firm of industrial auctioneers, appraisers, and liquidators. The test aimed to increase the number of qualified visitors, who would actively bid in auctions, during key auction time frames. To achieve this, we used specific banner creative to retarget users who had previously visited different auction categories on the Roller Auctions site. During the three-month test, retargeting was one of the top converting channels for Roller Auctions, with a “Bid Now” CTR of 51% compared to the 45% site average. As a result, Roller Auctions plans to continue running AdRoll retargeting on an ongoing basis for vehicle and construction auctions.

ADROLL: How are you approaching attribution?

KAYLA: When possible, we utilize a few third-party tools to measure attribution and lifetime value (LTV). We look at view-through conversions (VTC) and last-click attribution from retargeting in multiple views to show all the data at hand. From this, we can make informed decisions to improve our programs from an assisted last click, and a view-through attributed, conversions perspective.

Kayla (Wagner) Faires is founder & CEO of Revel Interactive, a performance-based digital marketing agency specializing in e-commerce marketing and lead generation. Kayla has worked with many brands as a strategic leader including both Business to Consumer and Business to Business companies. She is passionate about new technologies, constantly learning what’s up and coming in the industry, and values building long-lasting relationships with clients.

Kayle founded Revel Interactive in 2012. Prior to that, she worked in digital marketing at several agencies including Blue Moon Works and 9ooctane, having started her career at as an e-commerce intern. Kayle holds dual bachelor degrees in marketing and management from Colorado State University. She is active in several marketing organizations, acts on the board of Entrepreneurs Organization of Colorado, and is passionate about the outdoors, travel, and animal welfare causes. Kayla resides in Grand Junction, Colorado with her husband, Andrew, and labradoodle, Cash.

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