AdRoll sat down with Megan Lookabaugh, Senior Marketing Manager at Lending Club, to discuss her role, the challenges for finance marketers, and her tips for marketing success.

AdRoll: Tell us about your role at Lending Club. What does a day in the life of a marketer at Lending Club look like?

Megan: I manage our digital acquisition channels for our personal loans product, which includes paid search campaigns and native advertising, as well as display and Facebook retargeting. Every day is different—some days, it’s working on developing new creative and scoping out new landing page tests, other days, it’s doing a deep dive into the analytics behind the success of one of our campaigns. Our marketing team at Lending Club is very hands-on, which I really enjoy. It keeps things interesting.

AdRoll: How long have you been an AdRoll customer?

Megan: Lending Club has been working with AdRoll since October 2014.

AdRoll: What AdRoll products has Lending Club utilized?

Megan: We use AdRoll for our web and Facebook retargeting campaigns.

AdRoll: What prompted you to use AdRoll? What were you looking to improve?

Megan: We chose AdRoll because we wanted to partner with the market leader in the retargeting space. We felt that AdRoll’s analytic abilities, data transparency, and test-and-learn mentality were a great fit with Lending Club’s culture and marketing goals. We were also looking to improve the conversion rate for potential customers who had already been to our site without completing the application process.

AdRoll: What other marketing channels are successful for your team?

Megan: For personal loans, we have a well-developed mix of online and offline marketing channels. Retargeting campaigns offer ways for us to increase conversions and generate lift across every channel that brings customers to our website.

AdRoll: How do you measure impact across multiple channels? Where does AdRoll fall in that stack?

Megan: AdRoll has been a critical partner as we look to increase conversions across our standard acquisition channels. Once we spend the marketing dollars to bring a qualified customer in the door, it’s critical we maximize the chances that they eventually convert. We typically look at the lift that running retargeting via AdRoll provides in addition to the performance of our existing channels.

AdRoll: What features of AdRoll directly respond to challenges you face in the finance space?

Megan: At Lending Club, we are incredibly metrics-driven with our marketing campaigns. We have to be able to measure the impact of every marketing dollar we spend. Additionally, every campaign has to contribute directly to our bottom-line growth and efficiency targets.

With digital advertising, it’s often hard to be able to measure how much impact one individual marketing channel has on a potential customer’s decision to convert. This is especially true for channels like display, where people don’t typically click on a banner ad and take out a personal loan in a single session. AdRoll’s ability to directly show—in a very robust and analytical way—how our retargeting efforts translate to increased conversion rates is something we really value.

AdRoll: What makes marketing in the finance space different? More challenging?

Megan: Many financial services aren’t a split-second decision for consumers. Taking out a personal loan can be a serious choice and deserves a higher level of consideration than buying a pair of shoes. It’s critical that we make sure we are helpful and informative for our potential customers during their decision-making process. That being said, we also have acquisition cost targets to meet—so we need to make sure our marketing spend drives new customers at a cost that meets our goals. It’s a constant challenge in the space that I think requires us to be smart, resourceful, data-driven, and forward-thinking in how we manage our marketing campaigns.

AdRoll: What is your advice to finance marketers?

Megan: Test and learn, know what your numbers are saying, and always understand the impact of your marketing spend on your bottom line. Financial services is a dynamic and challenging vertical to be a digital marketer in, but the constant stream of new technology, improved analytical tools, and ever-evolving platforms to reach your potential customers keeps things very interesting.