From ordering last-minute lunch online to meal-prepping for an entire week, the way we eat has transformed tremendously. In particular, subscription-based meal services have become game changers, often growing to be the main source of food for avid users. People who consider making a bowl of cereal cooking are now able to prepare healthy spreads for days at a time. With such quick growth, these services need to develop a fresh growth marketing strategy to stay top-of-mind for consumers.

We’re excited to present the second part of our sit-down with Jordan Finger, Vice President of Customer Acquisition and Growth Marketing at Freshly, a healthy meal subscription program. You can also check out part one of the series here.

AdRoll: What was the hardest marketing challenge you faced this year?

Jordan: The biggest challenge we faced this year was trying to avoid relying on Facebook too much. The pros to Facebook are that the geo-targeting is fantastic, which is great because we know where our audience is. You can also do things like iterate quickly and show new content through video. However, we want to continually expand our marketing mix. As a result, figuring out how to better diversify the portfolio to better deliver ROI has been both a challenge and an opportunity for us.

AdRoll: What’s the next big campaign that you’re working on?

Jordan: For 2017, the biggest campaign is testing off-line channels like TV, radio, direct mail, and city-buys (such as Metro ad displays, guerilla marketing techniques, etc).

For the rest of this year, we’re focused on content marketing, influencer marketing, and SEO. We want to make sure we are hyper-messaging to our audience. This is a big initiative with a bunch of small wins.

Additionally, the holidays are around the corner. This is a disruptive time for our business since many people change their regular eating schedules. Because the holidays are hard for us, we are doubling down on content that’s focused on keeping our brand relevant.

We have also created 3 new videos featuring company comparisons and a 25-day countdown. Every day from December 1st to December 25th, we’ll be giving away a box of 6 Freshly meals to someone who deserves a break this Holiday season. We will not require the person sending in the nomination to be a customer. Anyone can nominate someone via email, lead submission, Facebook, or Instagram. We will highlight each donation across social media.

AdRoll: What’s a trend that your team is looking into?

Jordan: Video is huge. We love Facebook, Instagram and other platforms that favor video content. We’re lucky to have launched video and that has gone viral. Snapchat is on the horizon. We’re looking now at creating customer videos, competitive videos, and brand videos.

AdRoll: What are some digital marketing trends you have seen in your industry? How have you adjusted your strategy in response?

Jordan: The good and the bad is that everyone eats. There is always interest in a brand like Freshly, although it may not fit into everyone’s lifestyle.

What I have seen is that there has been a lot more competition in the meal delivery space. There’s a lot of impaction, and I see consolidation in the future. We are forced to upgrade constantly. To be competitive, what we did a month ago is not relevant today.

This is an opportunity for Freshly since we’re the only company that can do ready-to-eat food at scale. Planning for 2017, as we expand on the east coast, we’re looking at how we can find new users, get leads, and build awareness of the brand.