Do you have a sweet tooth? Or love to buy the latest cosmetics? With the rise of subscription-based companies selling everything from cookies to beauty products, it’s easy to find a service that fits your needs.

For this industry one of the hottest trends is pre-made food and make-your-own dishes. More and more startups are beginning to emerge and push for the lion’s share of the market. But how are these companies standing out against the competition to acquire new customers?

Jordan Finger, Vice President Of Customer Acquisition and Growth Marketing at meal-based startup Freshly, spoke with us to shed light on how he approaches ‎customer acquisition, digital marketing, and the ever-changing e-commerce market.

AdRoll: So you have a strong digital background. Give us some details of what led you to Freshly.

Jordan: Absolutely. I have been in the digital space for around 20 years. I have always been focused on e-commerce, specifically in the B2C space. I started at a small digital agency, media buying, media planning with blue-chip customers like Standard & Poor’s, Verizon, Cox Media Group. This was in the very early days of performance marketing, and it’s where I got my start, focusing on direct response.

Later, I earned my chops in the subscription world at an audiobook subscription company,, and a health and wellness company,

After my time there, I looked at the landscape and thought that I’d love to shake up a market. I was approached by Freshly to help hit sales goals and expand beyond the nine markets that they were operating in. They wanted to cost-effectively geotarget, and I had a natural inclination to want to see this business transform.

AdRoll: What are you responsible for as the VP of Marketing at a fast-paced startup like Freshly?

Jordan: I started with Freshly in summer 2015 and was part of the original founding team. As Vice President of Customer Acquisition and Growth Marketing, I lead the direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing initiatives and campaigns to acquire new customers that drive Freshly’s revenue growth goals.

Currently, I’m spending my time with both brand and direct response—finding ways to use digital advertising to drive our sales. I manage the marketing and business development teams responsible for the growth strategy, advertising, digital marketing, social media, SEO, influencer marketing, email marketing, customer acquisition, customer retention, strategic partnerships, sponsorships, creative development, content creation, data analytics, and business intelligence.

AdRoll: Tell us about Freshly. How did you rise in the meal subscription space?

Jordan: Freshly started simply and organically. We were cofounded three years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. The premise was an easy one—the cofounders wanted to eat in a healthier way. They thought, if they package the food a certain way, they could sell to a broader audience. Unlike other meal services, Freshly doesn’t require any cooking and you receive all your meals for a week in a single delivery. They went down the road and eventually secured Series A funding in the spring of 2015, with Series B secured this year.

We are available in 28 markets across the country with our main production hub in Phoenix. In terms of our team makeup, we are now around 220 employees, with 30 on our corporate team.

AdRoll: What AdRoll products do you currently use?

Jordan: We have been using Retargeting for a while now. We are currently testing the Prospecting product and looking at SendRoll to test in the future.

AdRoll: What prompted you to use AdRoll? What were you looking to improve?

Jordan: I worked with AdRoll at a previous company and had a great experience. When I came to Freshly, I wasn’t satisfied with the vendor we had in place. So my decision was service-driven. I wanted to invest in a partnership, not just another vendor relationship.

Additionally, being in a quickly growing company, we have the typical ups and downs of a startup. Flexibility is key for partners, and AdRoll has been with us every step of the way.

AdRoll: What is your team currently focused on? Tell us about your marketing goals.

Jordan: We’re working to be a well-oiled machine. As a company, retention is our biggest goal. We want to look at what marketing opportunities will make the biggest impact.

Additionally, we’re also working on looking at the touchpoints where we can re-engage past customers, bringing them back, and making sure they have a positive experience. To do so, we are doubling down on content marketing, influencer marketing, and SEO.

AdRoll: How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns? What do you attribute the success to?

Jordan: In this early growth stage, it’s all performance-/ROI-driven. We measure success by dollars spent and customers acquired. We also look at the impact on clicks to sites, quality of the audience, and if the audience is buying. A softer measurement is also the experiential marketing touchpoints.

Look out for Part 2 of this series coming soon! Connect with Jordan on LinkedIn and Twitter.