Workfront is a project management software company that aims to help its clients improve their bottom line. They do this by helping to remove inefficiencies and clutter, while improving communication, real-time collaboration, and project tracking. Essentially, Workfront software allows you to manage your projects in one place.

With rapid growth and a focus on building a strong brand, Workfront has leaned on Digital Marketing Manager, Logan England, to attract new customers and grow their user base by converting site visitors. We chatted with Logan about digital marketing, customer acquisition, retargeting, and the importance of an ABM strategy.

ADROLL: Describe what the environment is like at Workfront.

LOGAN: Workfront has an energetic, challenging, and innovative work environment. At Workfront, we’re all about the people. We strive to bring a diverse, talented, and hardworking group of individuals together to create software that helps people around the globe change the way they work. I also really enjoy the autonomy that Workfront provides. Individuals are able to suggest ideas and each of us has the opportunity to execute and own a piece of the business. And of course, we have a great culture here—with unlimited PTO, ping pong tables, and many other awesome benefits. Overall, Workfront is an awesome place to be!

ADROLL: What are your biggest priorities?

LOGAN: My biggest priority is facilitating customer acquisition through paid advertising channels. We run ads on many of the most popular channels—such as Google, Bing, Facebook and, of course, AdRoll. But, we also run some more B2B specific channels like LinkedIn and various software directories.

This role allows me to also be involved across many different teams. Whether it’s working with our content team to develop the next awesome piece or working with sales to find ways to deliver more qualified leads, I have the opportunity to learn and grow in many areas.

ADROLL: Since you spent most your career as a B2C marketer, what would you say is your biggest challenge marketing for a B2B company?

LOGAN: The hardest part of switching to B2B from the B2C world is definitely learning the funnel and all the three-letter acronyms. In B2C you typically drive to a single conversion, a lead. But, with B2B and the longer buying cycle, you focus more on which stage of the funnel each lead is in. Whether it’s an MQL, SAL or QSO, there’s a lot going on. B2B presents a complex and challenging funnel, but it provides an awesome opportunity to expand your skillset.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The hardest part of switching from B2C to B2B is learning the funnel and all the three-letter acronyms.” quote=”The hardest part of switching to B2B from the B2C world is definitely learning the funnel and all the three-letter acronyms.”]

ADROLL: What AdRoll products are you using?

LOGAN: At the moment, we’re using AdRoll for web retargeting. But, we’re also in the process of launching Retargeting on Facebook with AdRoll. Our roadmap includes expanding into prospecting with an ABM focus.

ADROLL: What do you value most about your relationship with AdRoll?

LOGAN: I really value the level of support I receive from AdRoll. From my experience, you typically have to be a large spender ($100k+) to receive top level support. With AdRoll, that’s never been the case. From sales to onboarding and now day-to-day management, AdRoll has been awesome at each touchpoint. They also have a great B2B account management team that will help set anyone up for success based on individual goals.

[clickToTweet tweet=”From sales to onboarding and now day-to-day management, AdRoll has been awesome at each touchpoint. ” quote=”From sales to onboarding and now day-to-day management, AdRoll has been awesome at each touchpoint.”]

ADROLL: How do you define Account-based Marketing (ABM)?

LOGAN: I think our definition of ABM is pretty similar to many in the industry. We view this as an alignment between marketing and sales to focus efforts towards acquisition of high value, targeted accounts.

ADROLL: Do you have an ABM strategy?

LOGAN: We are still in the early stages of ABM. With so many different pieces of tech and the work involved to develop this strategy it can get a bit overwhelming at times. But, we plan to continue our focus here and build upon some of the great wins we’ve seen so far!

ADROLL: How are you measuring success? What would you say is the best way for marketers to measure success?

LOGAN: We view success in a few different ways. Along with many marketers, I’ll place focus on CPCs and CPAs. But, with B2B, I prefer to take a closer look into the funnel. How many qualified leads we get is much more important to me than the number of total responses to a campaign. I also like to look at the ratio between qualified leads and qualified sales opportunities to ensure that we aren’t just driving leads, but the right leads. We also look at success based on the attainment rate of new logos vs growing current opportunities. Lastly, we place focus on the percentage of target account logos we’re adding quarterly. While there are many ways to measure success, it’s critical to have a close eye on your business and ensure that each piece of the funnel is optimized and working properly.

Logan England is the Digital Marketing Manager for Workfront, a company that offers enterprise project management software. He has been in the digital marketing industry for 5+ years and specializes in PPC, Display/Retargeting, SEO and Paid Social. Born and raised in Utah, he enjoys outdoor activities including hiking and mountain biking. He previously worked for Vivint Smart Home, another tech company residing in the Silicon Slopes.