Epgby9ru_400x400What influences customers more—search or display advertising? It can be challenging to determine the right mix, and even more challenging to attribute credit correctly. Michael Mothner, Co-founder and CEO of Wpromote, joined us recently in our webinar, 10 Tactics to Marry Search and Display, to share his tips for creating highly successful integrated search and display marketing strategies.

Here were some of your most pressing questions for Wpromote’s Michael Mothner:

Q: You mention the importance of ‘religiously changing Facebook creative’ – how often is religious?

Michael: It’s pretty often. You actually get penalized if you have an ad with a falling click-through rate (CTR), which you’re going to see fall over time. At Wpromote, we are generally refreshing creative more than once a week. It’s very rare that we see the same exact creative stay effective over a long period of time. You don’t necessarily have to continuously come up with new creative and messaging to relieve fatigue; you might find that you can recycle some ads down the road once users have forgotten that they’ve seen them before. In that case, you can have a set of high-performing ads that you’re cycling through.

Q: Presuming you cannot address all the key areas across search and display right away, are there a few key areas you would suggest starting with?

Michael: If I’m looking to drive the highest ROI, by far you’ll see the best results with a combination of retargeting and lower-funnel search marketing that is very product-specific, where intent is very clear. Retargeting is definitely a huge component. Think about it this way—retargeting is a way to amplify the other activities that you’re doing, including search and other display campaigns. It can have a huge amplification effect in making sure that the customers that you’re attracting from those other activities are actually making it back to your site and converting.

Q: How many times should we retarget a specific user?

Michael: What we’ve found in the research that we’ve done at Wpromote is that it’s actually very rare that it’s not worth it to retarget to a user an additional time. In other words, the incremental cost saving of capping your retargeting impressions at a certain number (ie. 4 or 8 retargeted ads), is usually outweighed by the benefit of continuing to show that ad. That being said, you definitely want to remain cognizant of how often you are changing out your creative. If you’re showing a user the same ad repeatedly and they still haven’t converted, it’s probably not resonating with them. It’s almost always going to be worthwhile to retarget as long as you have a pixel out there to retarget to.

Q: You’ve talked a lot about Google’s network, do you see the benefit of running on other search engines—ie. Yahoo, Bing—as well?

Michael: From a search perspective, absolutely. For those of you that use Yahoo and Bing, we want to make sure we have a presence there as well.


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