Feelings are not usually prioritized in account management.

While it’s true that revenue from clients keeps the lights on, the emotional experience with account managers has a tremendous impact on the future of all business relationships.

As an experienced account manager at AdRoll, I’ve learned firsthand how crucial it is to treat business relationships with the care and compassion of friendships. More importantly, it’s what I feel clients deserve from their account management experiences.

In this article, I’ll explain how AdRoll nurtures customer relationships to become more in tune with our clients from the start.

Do right by the customer, and mean it  

The foundation of any solid business relationship needs to be built on trust and accountability. This is why solid account management is so crucial to business partnerships. Customer needs should always be put first and account managers should have skin in the game. 

The customer experience—just like the buyer journey—must be nurtured, starting with a thoughtful and well-planned introduction. We understand that only focusing on revenue will force us to miss the most critical aspect of our mutual journey: what AdRoll can do to add value to customers’ businesses.

You had me at “hello”…

The first conversation is everything at AdRoll.  

This is where we establish the nature of our relationship and set the tone for future meetings. In this first conversation, we will communicate:

  • What you can expect from the product: We inform your expectations with evidence of past performance from comparable customers.
  • What success looks like: We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) that will equal success for your business.
  • That we understand your business: We dive deep into your target audience and goals. We know you have desire to grow these KPIs. So do we.
  • That we are ready communicate early and often: It is our job to know how you would like us to follow up, and how frequently. We know that you want to be heard and we want to know how you feel. 

Hide and seek is over

Do you have a hard time finding your account manager when results are not what you thought they would be? With so many other things to worry about, this shouldn’t be on your mind. 

We’re a performance platform, where we make sure results, both good and bad, are reviewed in the time frame you established. We believe in being upfront about what’s going well and where we could see improvements. You can be assured that we will never run away, become elusive, or blame forces out of our control. Often, this only causes frustration and damages the relationship.

We realize that if you can’t take the blame, you lose ownership over success as well. A partnership is not only measured on performance, but rather the ability to correct it or capitalize in areas you are experiencing growth.

We want to be part of the team

Of course! I thought you would never ask…The fastest way for us to work effectively is to be on the same team. Account managers work to hit your goals and feel responsible if we don’t. We understand the value in communicating consistently, and that a weekly check in via, email, call, lunch, coffee, hangout….whatever it may be, goes a long way.

Flexibility is not just something we had when we were 12

Account management is a 24/7 job. We understand that. We know clients aren’t asking us to interrupt our niece or nephew’s first birthday party by slapping our laptop down on the cake. However, we do want you to know that we are available.  

You’ll never to need to worry about interrupting your account manager’s day. We’re here to be flexible to your needs, whenever and however you want. After all, we’re now a part of your team.

Let’s Recap

Effective account management comes down primarily to one thing: the relationship. Focusing on people over profits leads to improved performance, better partnerships, and increased visibility—regardless of the fact that this is what clients deserve. 

To end, I ask that you pose this question to yourself: Am I really getting what I want and need from my account manager?

If you answered no, then it’s time you got something better. AdRoll is waiting for your call.

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