Well, when you’re a retargeting company, retargeting is THE most important marketing channel you have.

If you’ve visited our site in the past, you’ve, more than likely, seen our own retargeting in action. Over the past couple of years, retargeting has emerged as an important channel for many marketers. As a retargeting company, our own retargeting campaign is the best demonstration of our product and, therefore, our most important marketing channel. Here’s a closer look at some of our campaigns this past year and what we’ve learned:

“Inc. 500”: Increasing Awareness

The primary purpose of our retargeting efforts is to drive quality inbound retargeting advertisers.  To do this we create a segment of our website audience that has never signed up for or signed into our product and drive them to convert and start a free trial.

However, when we were recognized by Inc. magazine as the fastest growing advertising company in the U.S., we wanted to raise awareness of the award not only to prospective customers, but also existing customers.

To accomplish both goals free trial signups and awareness, we updated our targeting: one version of our Inc. 500 ads was served to visitors who had never signed in or launched a campaign, with a call-to-action promoting our free trial.

Inc500 Free Trial

A second version of our Inc.500 ads was targeted to existing advertisers with a call-to-action to read more about the award.

Inc 500 Read More

This campaign was successful in increasing awareness and the aforementioned post became our most-read blog post of the last year.

“Testimonials”: Brand-Building

For many prospective advertisers, the most important thing for them to know is that our platform works for companies just like theirs. Because we work with many tremendously innovative companies, we decided to test a retargeting campaign that highlighted some of those companies and their experience using our product.


During the test, we found that our testimonial creatives did not drive as many clicks and visits as some of our other advertisements. However, the traffic that the ads drove converted at a higher rate, with higher-quality leads. Prospective advertisers with a longer consideration cycle were more likely to be influenced by our testimonials campaign. For this reason, we kept the ads in rotation but sequenced them to be shown only to customers who had not signed up within 21 days of their last site visit.

Facebook Exchange: Trying New Things

By far, the biggest new initiative we implemented in our retargeting efforts was our own Facebook Exchange (FBX) retargeting. Our campaign was the first campaign that we tested on FBX, and we were quickly impressed with the results. By the end of the year, our retargeting on FBX drove more clicks, visits and leads than even our traditional retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting Visits

Signups + Leads from Retargeting

So, how did we do it?

Our initial FBX test campaign included ads that were fairly simple and logo-centric. We followed a number of Facebook creative practices and tested a variety of creative over the past 6 months. Our latest efforts, “We’re Retargeting You!” feature a handful of ‘Rollers letting them know our services are working and distinguishing the ads from normal interest targeted Facebook ads that look identical.


The updated FBX campaign generated a lot of positive response and was definitely noticed.




We’ll be testing strategies over the next few months and we’ll be sure to share those results as well. We hope that this glimpse into our retargeting efforts has been insightful, and inspires ideas for your business to test out.  Retargeting can be extremely effective but optimization is all about shaping your campaign to fit your individual objectives.