Furniture retail is a unique industry. Our products are the third-most expensive purchases people make, and the path to purchase is lengthy—industry studies show about a 90-day cycle.

Additionally, furniture is big and bulky. Because of the difficulties involved in delivering, big-box retailers like Walmart couldn’t beat out mom-and-pop furniture stores in the ‘90s, so smaller businesses with more experience flourished.

Today, however, Amazon, Wayfair, and other competing ecommerce storefronts have addressed many of these challenges. And while a growing share of furniture is sold online, consumers still prefer to see their options in person. This presents a unique opportunity for these retailers: how can they use their customers’ true desire to buy locally while offering the convenience and excitement of an ecommerce store?

This is where our marketing efforts need to truly be a work of A.R.T.

Attention: Get your customers to visit your store

The main goal for your website should be to attract customers to your store. Wow them when they visit your store, and they will surely be back to buy from you again and again.

Start with a strong website that is found easily in a search. Once you lure a customer to your site, use a retargeting service to get them to come back.

Also, invest in in-store loyalty efforts that serve the same purpose as retargeting. Hosting sales events for preferred customer, as well as education seminars—like how to decorate your bedroom for maximum zen—gives your customers a real reason to purchase.

Relevance: To please a tech-savvy audience, keep your showrooms fresh

The last thing a modern customer wants to experience is an outdated store. Retail stores should look and feel welcoming, and look updated to returning customers.  

Shoot for adding a new coat of paint and doing a flooring makeover every two years as well as completing a total turnover of accessories and showroom models twice each year.  

Just as your website should undergo continuous improvement, so too should your store. Be sure to make your experience—online and offline—inviting and convenient.  

Trust: Earn your customers’ respect

Getting the trust of your customers requires thinking about their experience from their perspective.

Be sure you can answer the following questions confidently. They should be able to tell you why a customer will or won’t buy from your store

  • Why should a customer buy from you?  
  • Will you be there to answer their questions when and where they ask?  
  • Are you replying in the time and space in which your customers want and expect you to respond?  
  • Do you answer online reviews—positive and negative?

With so much competition, retailers must up their game, work smarter, and win their customers’ orders. Grab your paintbrush and start creating your masterpiece.

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