Yesterday we announced Twitter Retargeting, an innovative fusion of retargeting technology and Twitter’s promoted advertising products. Our limited beta has seen exceptional demand, and we plan to set beta testers live in waves. Be sure to join the waitlist soon—you don’t want to miss the chance to be one of the first advertisers turning intent data into conversions on Twitter.

Need another reason to sign up? We have three:

1. Drive direct response—on Twitter!

Retargeting harnesses the power of intent, an advertiser’s secret weapon for the most effective marketing campaigns. By choosing to show your ads only to people who have already indicated interest in your brand, you can dramatically increase conversions.

Twitter Retargeting lets you use your first-party data to drive clicks with Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. And once your tweets are posted, your message can spread organically through retweets and new followers for your company. By leveraging this, alpha test participants (like Salesforce, Alex and Ani, and New Relic) increased engagement by as much as 170% and reduced acquisition costs up to 74%.

2. Expand the reach of your AdRoll segments

With Twitter Retargeting, you can turn your existing AdRoll segments loose on Twitter. These are people who have already visited your website, already browsed your inventory, maybe even purchased (or almost purchased) your products in the past. They just need a little nudge to remind them how much they liked what they saw.

Every day, 100 million users check Twitter. That’s 100 million potential customers who should be seeing your ads—and most of those users check their timelines several times a day. If you’re already using retargeting on the web, then you know all the reasons for extending that reach to social, as well.

3. Cross-device retargeting (yes, that means mobile)

Without getting into the technical wherefores and whys, we all know that tracking user behavior doesn’t work as well on mobile. What you need is a way to boost your first-party data so that it doesn’t matter what device, browser, or app a person is using.

Twitter Retargeting with tailored audiences lets you feed cookie-derived segments into ID-based Twitter campaigns. That means you can correctly target just the right customers with just the right messages whenever and however they use Twitter. Whether your prospects are on their phones, tablets, computers—or a combination of all three—tailored audiences help you reach your customers across devices.