TradeGecko is an online inventory management software designed to be the day-to-day administration system for wholesalers and distributors. Due to the online nature of their business, they have an impressive global customer base from over 60 countries. TradeGecko uses our platform to reach out to global leads, re-engage free trial users, and increase social engagement on Facebook.

I recently spoke with Carl Thompson, CMO at TradeGecko, to see how AdRoll fits into their marketing mix.

Carl Pic

Carl Thompson, CMO at TradeGecko

Jonathan: How does retargeting fit into your overall marketing strategy?

Carl: We use retargeting for many business initiatives. We have a general campaign designed to re-engage all of our website visitors plus niche campaigns that drive further product adoption for current free-trial users.

Our campaigns retargeting in Facebook’s News Feed have also been very interesting. These units drive traffic back to our website and also boost TradeGecko’s social engagement on Facebook. I’ve seen users comment, like, and even share these ads!

Jonathan: What are some of the other marketing channels that you use and how successful have they been?

Carl: Like most SaaS businesses, inbound marketing and SEO are our biggest marketing channels. Both our website and blog get great traffic and retargeting those visitors helps boost the visitor-to-trial-user conversion. We’ve tried AdWords but it’s frivolous without constant attention and expensive until you can home in on what ads and keywords work the best for you.

Jonathan: Creating ads for retargeting campaigns is both an art and a science. What’s your strategy when it comes to ad creation?

Carl: We run a number of retargeting campaigns and maintain similar on-brand ad designs throughout. We’ve found that keeping them both professional and to-the-point drives the highest ROI. Additionally, we want to build trust with our ads–we want potential customers to know exactly what they’re getting if they click on our ads, and you can’t do that with low-quality units!

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 10.40.25 AM

Retargeted creative features the same look-and-feel of TradeGecko’s homepage

Jonathan: AdRoll works because we can segment visitors strategically and serve the right ads at the right time to those visitors. How do you segment?

Carl: We segment visitors based on specific campaign objectives. For example, we serve a special discount for current free trial users to convert them to paid sign-ups.

Jonathan: Can you share a bit about performance?

Carl: With AdWords I managed to get the cost of conversion down to $40 per trial user. But, it still falls short of our budget when taking into account our trial-to-customer conversion rate.

With AdRoll, our cost per conversion is an average of $7, which is within our per conversion budget.