EMEA Marketing Director Shane Murphy shares some insights on the value of digital marketing at the Smart Business Show taking place this week in Dublin, Ireland.

There is a massive opportunity for retailers to increase investment online and capture new markets in a world where the internet is tearing down borders.

The potential for growth in online activity is enormous in Ireland because retailers here have been slower in adopting online tactics than their UK and US counterparts. A recent Sunday Business Post survey found that 57% of Irish companies have invested in online and just 6% of Irish sales are made online.

IAB Ireland, the trade association for the Irish online advertising industry, valued digital advertising spend at €130m for the first half of 2014. Retargeting is one of the most effective tactics businesses can deploy to see a return on that investment.

I’ll be speaking on the Retail Revolution Panel at the Smart Business Show this week to advise retailers on how to maximise impact when advertising online. Here are some of my top tips:

  1. Get Rolling with Retargeting:

If you have a website and and you want to increase the conversion rate of your visitor traffic, then retargeting is an absolute no-brainer marketing tactic. If you don’t have a website, well, there’s no time like the present!

A conversion can be anything from completing a purchase to downloading a piece of content, to signing up for a customer email. Typically only 2% of site visitors “convert” and retargeting is about bringing back the 98% by serving ads to your site visitors with a tailored call to action which will keep your business top of mind.

Retargeting is one of the smarter ways companies with websites can remind customers they exist. It can raise conversion rates and drive sales and brand awareness, while helping to turn online browsers into buyers.

  1. Cast a Wide Net:

There are a million different ways to advertise online; a retailer could look at display, search, social, mobile or video, to name a few. We definitely find that the wider net you cast the more likely you are to increase your conversions. Most of our retail customers start with web display retargeting, and then add social media to the mix.

AdRoll campaign data shows performance lift when advertisers add Facebook to their retargeting campaigns, driving more impressions, more clicks and importantly, more conversions. Similarly, adding mobile to campaign reach is critical when as much as 67% of consumers start a purchase process on one device, and complete it on another.

  1. Set Activity Limits:

Bad retargeting is when a customer feels like they are being stalked around the internet. Best practice is to target consumers in a relevant and tailored way. “Frequency Capping” is an important part of any campaign. All brands should implement a frequency cap which limits the number of times any individual consumer sees your ad.

Similarly “Duration Limits” are an important way to ensure your ad conversion rate remains high. The beauty of retargeting is that your campaigns start to target customers when they are at their most likely to convert.

  1. Be Creative:

Compelling creative and copy is absolutely critical to drive conversions. Being in the right place and targeting the right consumers is the first step, but the fundamentals of marketing still apply – its essential to have strong ads which capture the imagination and interest of the consumer.

Come visit AdRoll at Stand G18 at the Smart Business Show! You can catch me on stage at the following times:

Wednesday, 11.30am – Talkzone “Using Retargeting to Increase Sales”

Wednesday, 3.30pm – Retail Revolutional Panel

Thursday, 11.00am – Talkzone “Using Retargeting to Increase Sales”

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