You might only be starting to think about Halloween coming around the corner, but consumers everywhere are already starting to shop for the holiday season. Last year, our advertisers were already seeing a 35% spike in sales through September, which grew to an eye-opening 75% spike by October. In addition, there will only be 26 days this year between Black Friday and Christmas to pack in sales during the busiest time of year.

Here at AdRoll, we support over 15,000 advertisers and, whether they’re big or small, they’re all looking for ways to stand out in an increasingly competitive digital advertising market. To help, we’ve crafted three of our top tips to prep your holiday sales campaigns for maximum results during the 2014 shopping spree:

1) Dust off your ornaments early

Online shoppers are exposed to more noise during the peak buying season, and ad inventory gets more expensive as marketers look to capture last-minute purchases. Get ahead of the frenzy by launching campaigns in September to capture early-bird shoppers. We also recommend leveraging your database of customers who made previous purchases and using CRM retargeting to bring them back for new sales. As the holidays get closer, keep your presence active by layering on brand awareness, product recommendations, and location-based campaigns.

Holiday Funnel

2) Mobilize your holiday campaign

Today’s consumers shift between devices constantly and often use mobile for research and comparison shopping. Tablets have also become a massive driver of growth in mobile purchasing through mobile-optimized websites and apps. Engage your increasingly mobile shoppers with highly targeted cross-platform, cross-device campaigns to capture shopping interest and sales across all channels.

We recommend leveraging high-impact inventory sources across devices including the Facebook News Feed and Twitter, allowing AdRoll’s algorithms to automatically optimize for the highest-performing channels. In addition to mobile, you’ll want to reach shoppers in as many ad formats and targeting options as possible. Check out the list below for must-have ad inventory sources this holiday season:

Holiday Checklist

3) The holidays aren’t over on December 25

Marketers often begin to turn off their holiday campaigns after Christmas—but that’s actually the best time to reach people who just received gift cards or want to exchange their gifts. 70% of post-holiday shoppers were motivated by big sales, deals, and discounts.1 Capture demand after December 26 with campaigns pushing newly discounted prices or promotions.

For more tips and best practices to win big this holiday season, download our 2014 Holiday Strategy Guide!