Travel brands experience a lot of fluctuation in demand throughout the year. Stand out during peak seasons and stay popular when general demand is low with these 5 seasonal marketing tips:

1. Stay Prepared

Putting together a seasonality calendar is one method to help you prepare for upcoming promotions. Before planning, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary resources to implement your campaigns: design tools, staff-bandwidth and operational budget must all be in place to ensure your seasonality calendar is sustainable.

Tailor campaigns and marketing budget according to seasonal fluctuations in demand. When you know there’s going to be a big wave of vacation bookings, increase your retargeting budget so you can get in front of all the customers that are looking for deals on your site.

2. Know Your Sales Cycle

Customers know that travel booking prices are highly changeable, and can shift around a lot even on a daily basis. Travelers start researching destinations, accommodation, and transportation months in advance, and are constantly looking out for a good deal and keeping an eye out for new promotions or price changes.

Make sure your promotional deals have enough lead-time to serve a healthy number of impressions and maximize conversions. Adjust cookie durations so that impression volume aligns with average booking time.

3. Action-Packed Creative

Actions speak louder than words. Entice your target audience with compelling images that incorporate the doing of your travel package. Scuba Diving. Fishing. Hiking. Dining. The list goes on.

Include a compelling call-to-action (CTA) with your visually compelling creative. Help your customer envision themselves on that dream vacation with a strong CTA: “Learn More”, “Book Now”, or “Start Your Adventure Today”.

4. When The Lights Go Out… Stay Active!

Keep your year-round campaigns active to help drive incremental conversions for customers who are always on the lookout for a good deal. Serve generic, branded ads during this time to help increase brand familiarity.

Off-season is also a great time to A/B test new copy, color schemes and images. Keep track of what works well, and use these learnings to help influence your ad creative strategy moving forward.

5. Leverage loyalty

CRM retargeting lets you retarget a list of email users with display ads online. This is a great way to engage existing customers with new offers.

You can set up audience segments based on users who booked travel during a certain holiday or responded to a specific deal. Keep existing customers up-to-date with travel offers across web and Facebook to drive repeat purchases.

For more creative ideas on how travel brands can leverage retargeting, download our free whitepaper: Next Level Guide to Retargeting.