As we move into Q4, many B2B marketers’ focus tends to shift from driving leads to driving to holiday parties and spending time with family and friends. But don’t be left in the dust come Q1! Be smart about your marketing strategies.

Here are 3 ways to scale B2B campaigns in Q4 for a killer start to the new year:

1. Fill your pipeline.

B2B sales cycles can be long! Don’t be caught in Q1 without fresh leads for your sales team to go after. Because the typical B2B sales cycle can range from 2-6 months, you need to have a big Q4 in lead generation to make sure your sales team is ready come the new year. Continue the cycle and work new leads into the pipeline to start Q1 with sales- ready opportunities.

2. Educate your audience this holiday season.

Businesses are strategizing on how to invest their dollars and planning their budgets right now. Get in front of them often and with educational content on why your solution is vital to their success. Don’t let off the gas when it’s needed most.

b2b funnel

3. Nurture warm leads.

Focus on content downloads, free trial sign ups, and “easier asks” for Q4, not major business expenses. When the time comes for businesses to invest their dollars they’ll have ample reason why they should test your solution after familiarizing themselves with your brand throughout Q4.

Xactly took a similar approach when thinking of their Q4 strategy:

“AdRoll helps us run highly targeted, strategic marketing campaigns that turn into predictable, continual lead volumes. We also get the benefit of strong brand awareness and pipeline acceleration. It’s fairly easy to deconstruct lead goals for Q1 and back into specific tactics we need to run in Q4 to meet those goals.”

– Michael Greeves, Director of Digital Marketing, Xactly

Just because people are shifting from software to holiday soiree’s, doesn’t mean they’re not researching how to grow their business. Get creative in your efforts, build a strong list of leads, and educate your prospects this Q4 to ensure you’re off to a running start come Q1.

For more tips on what B2B marketers can do to drive their lead generation strategy forward, download our free B2B full funnel strategy guide!