So you’ve launched your retargeting campaign, optimized for performance, and the results are looking good. Now it’s time to see what other advanced retargeting tactics can do for your brand. Here are a few options that you might not have considered:

Pair your CRM with retargeting

CRM retargeting _new-01 (1)Not every customer or potential customer visits your website regularly—or even at all. CRM data onboarding lets you match your CRM data to online audiences using anonymous targetable IDs. This opens up a lot of possibilities for you to connect your offline data with online campaigns. Set up new retargeting segments based on offline purchase behavior, event attendance, customer lifetime value, or any other CRM-based attribute.

Adding CRM to your retargeting strategy will help you re-engage an already receptive audience, and keep your retargeting on track throughout the customer lifecycle with campaigns for retention, cross-sell, and up-sell. Retail companies can use CRM retargeting to run friends-and-family promotions. B2B tech companies might use it to promote new products or drive engagement with users who have already signed up for a free trial. And nonprofits like schools or government agencies can use CRM retargeting to support communication with volunteers, donors, or students.

Retargeting on Social

Facebook RTWhether you’re talking about desktop or mobile, Facebook and Twitter have some of the largest and most engaged audiences online. Those audiences are essential to maximizing the reach of your retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting on social is especially exciting because native ad formats like Twitter’s Promoted Tweets and Facebook’s News Feed ads are just as engaging as regular social posts. Since customers can like, share, retweet, and comment on the content, advertisers can run innovative ad campaigns and contests that encourage organic reach.

Mobile and cross-device retargeting

user cross deviceDespite the fact that mobile spending is poised to overtake desktop spending, 46% of marketers still aren’t retargeting on mobile. While you’re ramping up mobile marketing, retargeting lets you spend those early, exploratory mobile dollars on the people most likely to convert: visitors to your site.

Whatever your business goals on mobile—from increasing mobile site traffic to driving app installs—you can meet them with retargeting. Simple mobile retargeting operates much like traditional web retargeting, but in the mobile browser: as a user on a single device moves from your mobile site to other sites around the mobile web, you can targeted them with relevant display ads or app-install ads. If your mobile-optimized site is attracting a lot of traffic, retarget those customers to drive new revenue.

Dynamic and engaging personalized ads

The more relevant an ad is to a particular visitor’s interests, the more likely they are to notice it, click it, and come to your site. Dynamic ads take a visually appealing ad template, then pull from your dynamic feed to display images, messaging, and product details specially personalized for the individual viewer. You can even tailor the ad experience further with customizable animation and other interactive effects.


While one of the most popular applications of dynamic ads is to remind customers of products they’ve already looked at, that’s not your only option. Consider everything you can add to the product feed:

  • Previously viewed products
  • Product recommendations based on browsing history
  • Most popular products on the site
  • Manually entered product recommendations

Loyalty campaigns

You value your loyal customers. Why not reward them with special incentives like free shipping, promo codes, and early sales announcements? Loyalty segments are among the highest-performing campaigns we see at AdRoll.

Loyalty campaigns that target past purchasers with new product launches, cross-sell recommendations, and exclusive insider news are an easy way to increase revenue with your most receptive and high-value prospects.

For more on each of these tactics and how they work for advertisers, download our free strategy guide: Next Level Retargeting