election 2010

For the next month, all advertising channels are going to be filled with the messages of politicians running for elected office throughout the United States, as well as groups in support or opposition to these candidates. Every one of these campaigns either is retargeting, or should be.

In many ways, political campaigns are perfectly served by the unique strengths of retargeting. Not only does it help candidates stay on the top of potential voters’ minds, but it allows them to remind interested visitors to campaign sites of the ever-present need for campaign contributions, volunteers, and those willing to spread the most important messages of the campaign to likely voters.

In our home state of California, where a number of ballot propositions are inevitably presented to voters each election cycle, supporters and opponents of these measures can use retargeting as part of their “get out the vote” campaigns, reminding the most interested and active among like-minded citizens (those who have already indicated interest by visiting sites related to issues and candidates) that their participation and support is vital to the success of any given effort.

And remember–if you aren’t using retargeting to fire up your supporters, there’s a good chance your opponent is.

Starting immediately, all political and advocacy groups who input the code “rollthevote” will receive 10% off of their retargeting campaigns until November 2nd. Get started today, and good luck in November!