We recently introduced the basics of retargeting in the Performance Marketer’s Guide: Part I. Now, delve even deeper into the essential strategies you need to help elevate your campaigns.

As retargeting continues to deliver strong results, marketers are increasing their investment not only to meet lower-funnel conversion objectives, but also for upper-funnel awareness campaigns, lead nurturing, customer engagement, and loyalty and retention.

Advertisers are retargeting on a wider network of platforms and devices, and use cases for mobile and social are expanding. As marketers strive to compete with more brands vying for customers’ attention, a comprehensive retargeting strategy is necessary to deliver results and pave the way for a deeper understanding of customer intent.

Whether you’re new to retargeting or a programmatic personalization paragon, we’re here to help you get more out of your campaigns with the latest tactics to drive performance.

This guide explains:

  • Why retargeting matters for marketers
  • Data-driven strategies to deliver results
  • How to personalize engagement for the full-funnel
  • What is CRM retargeting, and how it works
  • Tactics to grow and feed your campaigns

AdRoll - The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Retargeting Part II (dragged)

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