in_text_imageIn my day-to-day, I field a lot of questions from AdRoll customers on how to take their retargeting to the next level. After all, retargeting can give advertisers such a massive return on investment, and advertisers are eager to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

When an advertiser gets set up, they usually start with a few simple segments and two or three pieces of ad creative. That’s a fantastic start, and most advertisers see a jump in ROI right away. As the campaigns reveal more about how customers behave and what retargeting can do, advertisers look for ways to refine and optimize their campaigns.

There are so many strategies for taking retargeting further. You can spend time optimizing your ad creative. You could focus on improving your campaign tracking. You might choose to split your focus between converting first time customers or reengaging existing ones. But what haven’t you even considered yet?

For example, take audience durations. In the AdRoll dashboard, you have the option of defining an audience duration (or “cookie” duration) when you initially set up your campaign. We usually tell advertisers to think in terms of “time cohorts”: What do you expect people to do in the first week after they visit your site? What about the week after that? Week three? The most effective campaigns target different durations with different creative that’s tailored to the expected behavior of that time cohort.

Nitro, a leading provider of document productivity and collaboration solutions, does a fantastic job with cookie durations. When a user signs up for a free trial, they see ads reminding them of the value of the product starting nine days after signup through the full 14 days of the trial. When the trial ends, Nitro shows them creative that offers a discount for the paid product for another five days. By pairing different cookie durations with appropriate ad creative, they’ve designed a really effective campaign to support their free trial process.

It’s my job to introduce advertisers to all these possibilities and help them set up successful campaigns. And, on Wednesday, May 28, Nitro’s Sean Zinsmeister and I will be presenting a webinar to introduce people to some of the best and most effective tactics for retargeting campaigns. Hope to see you there!

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