The holiday season is a few months away, but we know it’s already top-of-mind for marketers. Here are 4 no-fuss ways to make your advertising mobile-friendly.

Web to mobile

1. First thing’s first- make sure your account is set up to capture new mobile users.

Placing the AdRoll pixel on your website is the first step to getting started with your retargeting campaign. If your site is mobile responsive— meaning that it adjusts to fit your device’s screen — you are good to go once you place the AdRoll pixel on your site.

However, if your site is mobile optimized, you’ll need to place your AdRoll pixel on your mobile site as well. A mobile optimized site is separate from a desktop one; they are built specifically for mobile devices. It’s most often indicated by the prefix “m.” rather than “www.”

Not sure which applies to your site? Just open it on your phone! If it’s mobile responsive, the website will fit your screen and the URL will not change. If mobile optimized, it will also fit your phone screen but the URL’s prefix will likely change to “m.” Check out our support article for more information on placing the pixel on mobile sites.

2. Bring your segmentation strategy to mobile

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.18.29 AMAfter ensuring you’re capturing mobile users, the next step is to create segments to bucket these visitors. For mobile optimized sites, we suggest mirroring your desktop site’s segments to avoid losing users throughout your sales funnel. As with your desktop site, make sure you create segments for your cart and conversion pages. You can exclude these users from mid-funnel retargeting campaigns, and target them with loyalty, cross-sell, or upsell campaigns. Finally, be sure to target your mobile segments in all of your campaigns to maximize your reach on all devices.

3. Capture users on one of the world’s most popular browsers

25% of the world’s mobile users browse on Safari, primarily on Apple devices. In the US, this number jumps to 55%!*  Many marketers aren’t aware that Safari browsers block 3rd party cookies by default. This means that advertisers cannot retarget mobile users on Safari, unless users have changed their browser settings to allow cookies.

This summer we launched a new feature in our dashboard that allows advertisers to retarget Safari users. Once enabled, people who visit your site on a Safari browser will see a one-time banner allowing them to accept third-party cookies from AdRoll for a more tailored ad experience. With a 99% user opt-in rate, Retargeting on Safari is a sure way to increase the reach of your campaigns on one of the world’s most popular browsers.

4. Upload all ad sizes

When advertisers ask us how to expand their reach on mobile, one of the first things our account managers look into is their campaign set-up — do they include mobile ad sizes in their campaigns? More often than not, they don’t! While not including mobile ad sizes doesn’t necessarily mean your ad won’t serve on mobile, you could still miss out on some great inventory by sticking only to desktop sizes. To maximize your reach on all types of publisher inventory, you should upload ads sized 320×50, in addition to your standard web sizes.

Mobile-in-the-UK-Retargeting-VectorFor more tips on how to win big on mobile, check out our free webinar on demand: 5 Tips for Winning Mobile Campaigns.