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Over 65% of transactions today are started on one device and finished on another. This is a profoundly different world marketers live in now compared with only a few short years ago. However, while consumers have adapted quickly to the multi-screen world, most marketers are still struggling between screens.

Here’s three tips to bring greater sales in a mobile era.

1. Customer is king: Optimal shopping experience must be developed for your customers

Consumers are ahead of most businesses when it comes to mobile commerce; they want to shop wherever they want, whenever they want, on whatever device they want. However, most businesses have not been successful at transforming their shopping experiences to meet the needs of their customers. As a result, businesses are losing out on opportunities to please customers and drive sales.

The dynamics of each business is different, so it’s important for businesses — and marketers in particular — to deeply understand their customers’ engagement patterns across mobile today so that they can develop the best customer shopping experience.

2. The app install is just the beginning of the sales funnel — what comes next?!?

Mobile app install ads have been the killer mobile advertising unit and use case. Facebook launched its mobile app install ads in late 2012, and now they make up close to 50% of Facebook’s total revenue. However, driving an app install is only the beginning. What’s really important is what happens after the install. It’s important to think about what your downstream goals are – whether it’s getting users to engage regularly or, in the case of commerce or game apps, making an in-app purchase. This is easier said than done. Studies have shown that one in five installed apps is abandoned after the first use.

3. Understanding the user experience through the entire customer journey is everything

One of the mistakes I see advertisers make most often is looking at their mobile and desktop strategies as independent, when, in reality, they are completely intertwined. As stated earlier, most consumers will engage with your business across multiple devices over the path to purchase. It’s critical that you develop your marketing strategies with this in mind.

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