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We sat down with Marcus Akerland, a member of AdRoll’s digital marketing team, to discuss his experience managing lead-acquisition campaigns in the B2B space, the marketing channels he uses, and his golden rule of digital marketing.

AdRoll: Tell us about your team at AdRoll.

Marcus: We have a small, agile team comprised of three people, and we head up all things digital marketing at AdRoll. Our responsibilities are to drive revenue for AdRoll, identify new and better ways to acquire customers, and get them set up with our products. The beauty of digital marketing is that everything online is measurable—our team uses data to drive our business forward.      

AdRoll: What AdRoll products is your team currently using?

Marcus: We utilize all of AdRoll’s products. The buying cycle in the B2B space is extremely complex—it can often take months between first-touch and close. With this in mind, it is important to use a variety of tools to target prospects at each stage. Luckily for us, we’ve been able to utilize new AdRoll products and features, such as Prospecting and SendRoll, before the general public, which has helped us tremendously.

AdRoll: What struggles did you face growing AdRoll’s campaigns?

Marcus: As B2B marketers may find, we typically have less web traffic for retargeting campaigns compared to a retailer whose site naturally generates more traffic. It was definitely an obstacle for us as we worked to scale our campaigns.

The greatest challenge, however, was bringing new customers into our funnel. We have an effective solution for guiding them through our funnel—retargeting—we just didn’t have enough volume to scale our campaigns and fill our funnel. Luckily, we got our hands on Prospecting early and it has really changed the game for us.

AdRoll: What types of results have you seen with AdRoll Prospecting?

Marcus: After scaling our Prospecting campaigns across web and Facebook in late Q1, we’ve seen 5x growth in quality lead volume between Q1 ‘16 and Q2 ‘16.

The benefits of Prospecting have been two-fold: not only have we gotten the additional value of new, quality traffic, but also this additional traffic has fed our retargeting campaigns and boosted performance there as well.

AdRoll: What other channels does you use to promote AdRoll?

Marcus: A big driver is Google AdWords. Intent is the most important consideration for finding your audience, and search captures this. On top of search, and AdRoll Facebook campaigns, we have used social advertising networks, including LinkedIn and Twitter. We also work with media partners like eMarketer to promote our content and recently partnered with the “This Week In Startups” podcast to reach a new audience.

AdRoll: Any exciting campaigns coming up?

Marcus: We’re running a web-retargeting campaign targeting customers who have signed up for AdRoll, but have not yet launched a campaign. This allows us to identify a specific part of our funnel and encourage customers to complete a specific action. We are able to accomplish this thanks to our integrations with Marketo and Salesforce, and initial results have been promising.

AdRoll: What trends do you foresee addressing in the second half of 2016?

Marcus: Account-based marketing is a hot topic for B2B marketers, and our team is focused on targeting specific accounts to move them through our pipeline. We’re testing and optimizing everything from medium to messaging to frequency.

With ABM, it is critical to stay top-of-mind for prospects without becoming a nuisance, and we’re utilizing everything at our disposal to ensure we’re doing the former without becoming the latter.

AdRoll: What advice would you give to other B2B marketers?

Marcus: The golden rule of digital marketing is to test often and let the data dictate your decisions. We hold biases for everything from channels to campaigns, and these biases often cloud our judgement when analyzing performance.

To avoid this, you need to clearly outline your KPIs in advance and understand exactly what you need to measure. Looking at your data with these metrics in mind will allow you to cut straight through your biases and make decisions that will help drive your business forward.

To learn more about AdRoll and discuss your digital marketing strategy, email our team.