A former coworker said to me, “I really want display to work for us. I think there’s great potential, but right now I don’t have transparency into where our ads are showing up and we’re getting a .02% CTR. Is that bad? What’s average?”

My short answer was, “With a 0.02% click through rate, you’re getting hosed.”

Display retargeting can work for just about any company, you just need to customized your campaign to best support your goals.

What I knew about the product in question: large purchase, 6-week average lead time to buy, single-product offering, no upsell potential, and that conversions were measured by a lead form on the site. From those facts, I know that retargeting will be a great boost to their already robust online marketing strategy.

  • Large Purchases–Encourage Browsing, You’ll Only Get More Visibility: People browse online before they buy, the larger the purchase, the more likely they are to look at multiple offers before buying. Retargeting these buyers (with frequency caps) helps to stay top of mind–selling something good and including deal-sweeteners in your retargeting ads also helps.
  • 6-Week Lead Time–Advertise Only During Buy Cycle: While your sales team works feverishly to bring in their leads, you can bolster your presence with a choice ads for only six weeks. Remove people from your retargeting list after your average buy-cycle time has elapsed and only spend money when people are most likely to convert.
  • Single Product Offering–Create a Story With Ad Creative: With only one product to sell, you can be really smart about your ad creative and make different ads that can be served sequentially. You won’t be segmenting your list of visitors by where they went on your site, so tell the story you want to tell, highlighting your product’s unique features in a series of ads.
  • No Up Sell Potential, No Problem: Once a visitor has converted, serve ads to them no more! Flag your conversion pages and we’ll help you set up a converted list to remove from your live prospects.
  • Got a Complex Lead Form? Visitors, Come Back Where You Left Off: With only one pixel (that won’t slow page load time), build small segments for people who drop off along your conversion funnel and bring them back to the exact spot they left off at. Don’t make them do more work than they have to!

I’ve had many similar conversations about the kinds of remarketing tactics available to address individual businesses’ needs and help support their overall conversion strategy. You know your product best, but we can help you plug the holes in your sales funnel and convert more visitors into customers.

If you have a business scenario like the one above, or questions about how we could develop a retargeting strategy for you, leave a comment, and I’ll post back my thoughts.