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In the second installment of our sit-down with Krystina Banahasky, UNTUCKit’s director of ecommerce and digital marketing, we learn how she is handling the planning and execution of this holiday season.

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AdRoll: New customer acquisition and re-engagement is incredibly important for the holidays, how are you adjusting your marketing mix to account for that?

Krystina: We have always pursued a dynamic marketing strategy and mix that evolve with the times. In 2011, we started out with just public relations (PR) and eventually implemented print, social media (first Facebook, and eventually Twitter and Instagram as well), AdRoll Prospecting, and now search and display.

We evaluate our strategies based on a 360-degree view of each marketing touch point throughout the entire customer journey and implementing customization for each channel and segmented target demographic through personalization software. We begin with strategic acquisition through display, search, email, AdRoll Prospecting, affiliates, and social media. Then we drive it home with AdRoll Retargeting to hit the necessary touch points a customer requires to reach conversion.

AdRoll: What do you expect your biggest digital marketing challenge to be in the second half of 2016?

Krystina: Our biggest challenges stem from the company’s obscenely high growth rate. A lean team in a fast-paced environment must be laser-focused and agile. We have to turn a lot of creative around in a blink of an eye and ensure it is tailored to each channel and demographic while telling a cohesive story. We also have to be disciplined to build and follow a marketing calendar to drive this messaging rather than jumping right in.

In anticipation of these challenges, we must plan and prepare now for Q4 to ensure the site user experience is aligned with the marketing calendar. Creative concepts should be approved months in advance in order to ensure the site and user experience are QA’d and tested for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, although you must brace for last-minute changes. You can never spend enough time on testing and optimization.

AdRoll: What are some digital marketing changes/trends you have noticed? How do you think they will shape future digital campaigns you launch?

Krystina: In the last few years the industry shifted from omni-channel to customized and individualized experiences, but what I’ve noticed is customers don’t want to seek out the perfect fit (pun intended!). They want to be sought out and surprised by a product or experience that is exactly what they never knew they always needed. Let’s call it “inception marketing.”

AdRoll: What new tactics, channels, or strategies are you excited about testing for the first time in the second half of the year?

Krystina: There are several strategies that will be the focus for us in the latter half of the year. I am really excited to wrap up implementation of new channels and focus on three key areas on a macro-level: a 360-degree marketing strategy, a customized customer experience, and a lightning-fast execution while onboarding new members of the ecommerce and digital marketing team.

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