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2015 might go out with a bang, but 2016 comes in with more bang for your buck!

Thinking that the season is over, many marketers go dark with their campaigns after the holidays. Meanwhile, the savviest advertisers do the opposite: they’re keeping the lights on through the end of January and building fresh, post-holiday campaigns—and they reap the rewards for their efforts.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make the most of the post-holiday season with our top 4 tips below.

1. Drive new customers to your site with AdRoll Prospecting.

Prospecting is a customer-acquisition tool that helps connect you to new, high-quality users.BLOG-0099 list image-04 This fresh audience is more likely to be interested in your products and services, adding fuel to the fire of your retargeting campaigns.

When you opt into the IntentMap™, our algorithm goes to work on this exclusive data set. Using cookie-level intent signals, we can find new users who haven’t been to your site but behave like your existing customers. Voila—you get a unique audience to target across the web and Facebook. And, with over 2,000 other advertisers already opted in, you’re in good company.

On average, AdRoll Prospecting brings new website visitors who are 30% more engaged than advertisers’ organic traffic. Please contact your AdRoll account manager to learn more.   

2. Keep your campaigns spending to snap up high-quality inventory at shockingly low CPMs.

The best time to advertise can be the one you least expect: After the holiday rush, costs per 1,000 impressions (CPMs) can drop significantly and this trend typically continues well into January.

Santa may be long gone but statistically seasonal shoppers keep spending right into the new year. They’re looking for after-holiday bargains, hoping for year-end closeouts, and thinking of ways to spend their hard-earned bonuses.

All this makes Q1 a great time to reach your users across AdRoll’s premium inventory, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.

3. Bring back faithful fans with AdRoll Retargeting.

They’re your loyal customers for a reason. Show them that you care and you’ll capitalize on tBLOG-0099 list image-05heir repeat business. It’s as easy as pumpkin pie:

  • Retarget previous purchasers with strong CTAs, shopping incentives, and new product offerings.
  • Extend your conversion segment to 90 days.
  • Run a loyalty campaign based on your customer relationship management (CRM) data to reach previous purchasers from last year.

4. Score a bullseye with clever creative. 

Speak to your individual users: AdRoll Dynamic Creative helps you personalize ads based on a user’s interests and shopping habits. Compared with static creative, custom dynamic creative can see up to double the click-through rate (CTR) at half the cost per acquisition (CPA).

You’ll also make your mark when you tailor ads to say what your audience wants to hear. Incorporate tantalizing offers and phrases, like “free shipping,” “year-end clearance,” “post-holiday blowout,” “end-of-season sale,” or a great discount on their purchase.BLOG-0099 list image-03

Design-wise, you’ll want your ads to look as exciting as they sound, so keep that festive flavor. Be sure to include any sale prices in your product feed so we can showcase the discounted price. You can even showcase multiple products using Facebook carousel ads.

Bonus Tip: Skip the last-minute scramble—as soon as your holiday creative is built, start crafting your post-holiday campaigns. With a little planning, you can enjoy a prescheduled, stress-free campaign.

Looking for more ways to improve your performance this season? Contact your account manager or our sales team.