Now that we’re nearing the close of the biggest shopping season of the year, you might think you can kick up your feet and unplug your online advertising for a few weeks.

While this approach may work for your gym membership, your marketing efforts still need to remain in high gear to avoid a Q1 slump. There are also plenty of opportunities for a savvy marketer to take advantage of competitors falling asleep in their new slippers and snuggies.

Though the shopping frenzy fades following Christmas, shoppers are still on the hunt for great deals, especially after receiving cash and gift cards over the holidays. In their Post-Holiday Recap published earlier this year, Google & Ipsos found that “39% of respondents shopped after Christmas.” Additionally, comparing the past two years, eMarketer found “a 20% increase in retail e-commerce from Dec. 19th to Jan. 1st.”

What does this all mean?

More shoppers are actually spending money in the days following Christmas – it’s not the time to go dark!

Keeping the lights on with your marketing efforts can afford advertisers with considerable advantages:

  • Take advantage of high-quality inventory at low CPMs: after the peak holiday shopping period, we traditionally see prices plummet 25%. Even better, this trend continues throughout Q1.
  • Stay top-of-mind with post-holiday shoppers: according to MarketWatch, “this year [2011] was the fifth year in a row in which gift cards were the most requested holiday gift.” We can only assume that this trend will pick up. Don’t let the momentum of your holiday campaigns go to waste by turning off – especially as consumers are cashing out their gift cards online.
  • Avoid network lags: implementing new creative, re-launching campaigns and ads, and campaign approvals can take days or even weeks to get back on track. Starting early ensures fewer delays along the way.
  • Reach customers at crucial browsing moments: use Facebook Exchange (FBX) to unlock nearly 28% of all U.S. display impressions, according to ComScore. Learn more here.

For more specific post-holiday strategies, feel free to reach out to your Brand Solutions Specialist or email