If a picture is worth a thousand words, and you’re trying to tell a compelling visual story, wouldn’t you like an opportunity to craft a longer narrative?

Carousel ads are allowing marketers to do just that. Across Instagram and Facebook, marketers have the ability to craft visually engaging narratives with these multi-image ad units. And, users have seen great performance; AdRoll advertisers running carousel ads on Facebook saw an average of 20 percent increase in click-through conversion (CTC) rates and a 40 percent decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA) compared to those who ran single image ads on Facebook.

How can you best take advantage of this ad format? Here are some tips and best practices from our advertisers running carousel ads on Instagram and Facebook:

Instagram-Carousal-31 (dragged)

Carousel ads are driving up clicks and lowering cost per acquisition for AdRoll advertisers.

How to Encourage Visitors to View Each Image

The beauty of carousel ads is in the ability to show multiple images. However, extra images aren’t any good if no one sees them. Compel your audience to click through your images with the following strategies:

1. Create a Panorama

Pique users’ interest to swipe through by teasing part of the larger picture in each image.

2. Tell a Captivating Story

Make each panel a chapter of a larger story.

3. Highlight Different Features

Instead of waiting to talk in detail, use each image to talk about the different features and their value.

4. Brand Your Ads

Use your brand’s elements and/or color palette within your ads. Even using subtle, but recognizable, imagery and colors will help people associate your brand with the images.

5. Quality and Consistency Are Key

Carousel ads do best when they look like they’re part of a collection. Whether you’re using graphics or images, try to keep the look and feel consistent.

6. Use the Call to Action (CTA) Button

Based on your objectives, use the CTA to guide your audience to help you achieve them—from awareness and message association to website visits and offline sales. The CTA button allows you to tell the user what to do, increasing the performance of your ads.

With these tips, we hope you go beyond the standard text-based ad and share your story with these visually-stunning ad units on Facebook and Instagram. For help with conveying your brand’s visual identity, check out AdRoll’s Help Center article on making great ad creative.

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