If you want to use AdRoll to add extra fuel to your account-based-marketing (ABM) strategy, we’ve created a Zapier integration that allows AdRoll to effortlessly integrate with your outbound email activities and campaigns.

What is Account-based Marketing?

account based marketing's popularity has risen dramatically since 1995

Google searches for account-based marketing have risen dramatically since 2015.

Popularized by Jon Miller—co-founder of Marketo and CEO of Engagio—ABM is a marketing strategy that focuses on a relatively small group of potentially high-spending prospects. Its popularity has risen dramatically over the last year, due in part to the strategy’s focus on incentivising marketing teams and sales teams towards the same goal.

What Does Zapier Do?

Zapier allows users to log into various web services and use one app or service to prompt a second to take an action. You can, for example, have Zapier add a line to a Google Spreadsheet for each email you receive from a given sender.

How Can I Use AdRoll and Zapier For ABM Campaigns?

Zapier offers an integration with AdRoll’s CRM Retargeting. For those not in the know, CRM Retargeting pulls the profiles of leads from customer relationship management software, like Marketo. So long as the data includes the email addresses of those you’d like to reach out to, CRM Retargeting will serve your ads to this group across social media and the web.

Since ABM typically combines sales outreach towards specific decision makers, you can use CRM Retargeting to send ads to these potential clientele.

How Do I Connect Zapier to AdRoll?

Create a Zapier account and accept our invite.

Next, you can, for example, create a Zapier Zap that imports the emails of all outbound sales emails by their subject line. In this case, it will capture each email containing the word “introduction.”


Finally, I’ll have this action connect to AdRoll. Each new email will add an additional new prospect to an ongoing AdRoll Retargeting campaign.


Note, you can also do this with your salesforce data. Simply create a Zap that takes a Salesforce lead, filters by your relevant Salesforce field— like “vertical”—and adds it to the relevant AdRoll CRM Segment.

The creative possibilities for using Zapier and AdRoll don’t end there. Take this a step further and create CRM segments for all ABM campaigns, and use AdRoll Design Squad to create specific ads for particular audiences, for free. You can get rolling in minutes.

Connect Zapier to AdRoll with our invite to start expanding your ABM program.