Let’s face it: the challenges that marketers confront today in an ever-diversifying media landscape are only getting more complex. Prospective consumers shift between media channels like search, email, apps, and the web in real-time, navigating marketing messages from various brands throughout. They increasingly turn to social networks and review sites to conduct their own research before making a purchase decision. Because of these trends in consumer behavior, it’s critical for marketers to reach customers early in the buying process to nurture prospects through to making a decision. This approach is often referred to as “full-funnel marketing.”

At AdRoll, we encourage our clients to incorporate the full funnel in their retargeting and website strategies. Here are our top campaign recommendations to help you reach prospects at each stage of the funnel.

marketing-funnelAwareness: The goal of upper-funnel programs is to increase brand awareness. This is the place to focus on driving traffic to a website and increasing overall brand recall. Top-of-the-funnel messaging should explain what your company does, why your products are unique, and where customers can find out more about you. We recommend creating branded ads leading to landing pages that provide more detail on the unique solutions you offer and emphasize your industry differentiation.

Consideration: The goal of mid-funnel programs is to increase the velocity at which prospects move through the funnel. The prospect has awareness of the brand and has demonstrated intent to learn more about specific products or services. They may be considering your competitors, or looking at other solutions to address their challenges. For B2B marketers, this is a great phase to reinforce trust in your brand with whitepapers, webinars, and other content-marketing assets. Drive prospects directly to gated content landing pages to educate them about the products they’ve already expressed interest in. B2C marketers can build deeper brand engagement by driving prospective shoppers to subscribe to an email newsletter or product specific landing pages.

funnel conversionPurchase: The goal of bottom-funnel programs should be converting leads into sales or driving interested shoppers to complete a transaction. Once prospects reach the bottom of the funnel, you’re in the marketing home stretch toward sales conversion. This is the stage to serve ads with a strong call to action to sign up for an account, capture an expiring offer, or use a promo code for free shipping.


Looking at over 15,000 clients running campaigns on the AdRoll platform today, our most successful advertisers in every vertical are employing a full-funnel approach to maximize their sales results.

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