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Here at AdRoll, we love highlighting our customers’ awe inspiring ad campaigns. Below, check out how Chubbies Shorts made a splash with some festive summer retargeting. 

Chubbies: Turning Brand Personality into Big Results

Chubbies is an eccentric apparel company that strives to free men of the constraints of long pants. The brand’s visually compelling products and creative work rarely fall short in engaging and delighting customers. With a unique target audience profile and drive for growth, Chubbies was looking for a programmatic performance marketing solution to help them deliver the right ads to the right customer at the right time.

The thigh-enthusiastic company aimed to drive new visitors to their website, while continuing to re-engage past and present customers. Chubbies began working with AdRoll for retargeting on Facebook, where they knew their audience was spending time. The campaign was a huge success out the gate, delivering a 15x ROI with AdRoll retargeting in the Facebook Right-Hand Column.

ChubbiesChubbies then added dynamic ads across web and Facebook to expand their reach, maximize engagement, and create personalized brand experiences. Customers who demonstrated higher intent, such as shopping cart abandoners, saw dynamic ads that displayed the same pair of shorts they’d left behind along with recommended products. By using dynamic creatives, Chubbies saw a 35% lift in ROI.

The next step was taking the campaign further by implementing the same strategy on Twitter, where the results mirrored the success on Facebook. With one convenient platform for retargeting across Facebook, Twitter, and the web, Chubbies expanded reach while allowing AdRoll’s algorithm to optimize delivery, producing maximum conversions at the lowest possible cost.

Chubbies Celebrates Summer Fun with AdRoll, Wins Big

Seeing an opportunity to capitalize on warm weather and summer fun, Chubbies decided to tackle America’s birthday by launching the “Fourth of Julyber Monday” campaign centered around the 4th of July holiday weekend.

With a goal of generating the type of excitement typically seen on Cyber Monday, Chubbies started promoting it’s Julyber campaign in June. Then, on Monday June 23, Chubbies launched a custom landing page that included time sensitive promotional codes, which changed every hour on the hour. Customers could redeem their gift codes and then revisit the landing page to unlock a new code throughout the day.

Chubbies LiquidAds 728x90

The Fourth of Julyber campaign delivered big:

  • 35.5x ROI
  • Lowered the average campaign CPA to 72% below average
  • 4.6x above average conversions within 12 hours
  • 4.8x above average CTC rates

“In real time, we tracked how many people we were reaching with AdRoll to make sure we were crushing it. On the day of the event, people not only clicked on the ads but also converted.” Andrew Zappala, Marketing Manager at Chubbies commented on the campaign.  “It was a huge success.”

Chubbies continues to increase brand awareness and drive more shorts enthusiasts to convert with the help of AdRoll’s marketing platform. Check out the full case study here.

We can’t wait to see what Chubbies comes up with for the holidays!