Here are a few recommendations to ramp up your holiday retargeting campaign:

Make sure you have creative to promote your holiday deals

Oftentimes advertisers think it’s enough to simply ramp up their budgets to drive holiday shoppers to their website. However, you’ll see higher ROI by putting together some holiday-specific creative that clearly shows any promotions you may be offering or seasonal merchandise you may be selling. With 39.7% of holiday shoppers seeking free shipping and 20.9% comparing prices online, holiday shoppers are on the lookout for deals. Give them themed creative and deals for those holiday presents!

Target Past Purchasers

Your most likely customers are often people who have purchased your products in the past. According to a Shop.Org survey of 2011 holiday shoppers, 63% of shoppers had previously shopped on the website before and returned during the holiday season to shop for gifts. Who better to target with holiday advertising than your current customers? If they own a product of yours that they love, they are more likely to purchase it as a present for their friends and family. It’s common to remove recent customers from your retargeting campaign but during the holidays customers often make multiple purchases within a short time period so make sure to stay top of mind with this audience.

Expand your Cookie Pool

Throughout the year, it’s common to target users who have been to your site in the last 30 or 90 days. During the holidays, it’s a good idea to look beyond your most recent users and target people who last visited your site further in the past in order to re-engage their interest. It’s fair game to assume that they’ll return to buy that exact same item or others as gifts for the holidays.

Increase CPM Bids and Frequency Caps

The holiday season is peak season for online advertisers. Keep in mind, everyone is aggressively trying to stay in front of their customers, so it’s important to increase your CPM bid. This gives you a greater chance of reaching shoppers during the busiest time of the year! In addition to increasing your CPM bid, you might want to consider increasing the frequency with which you are showing your ads. Competitors will likely be making a strong holiday push. Make sure that you stand out by being in front of your visitors as often as possible.