The holidays bring happy memories of family, friends, and delicious food—unless you’re a marketer, and then the mere mention of Q4 can induce panic and fear. But it doesn’t have to!

Marketers want to reach their customers at scale in a relevant, engaging way. During the holidays, it’s also critical to reach mobile customers: some 67% percent of shoppers start on one device and continue shopping on another. An easy way to reach these on-the-go customers is with AdRoll Dynamic Creative, which serves attractive and interesting ads across all devices.

dynamic creative desktopDynamic creative is popular with direct-response digital marketers because it allows for evergreen campaigns, but this ad style also plays a huge role during the holiday season. Last year, our advertisers increased their campaign spend for dynamic-creative ads by 30% quarter over quarter (QoQ) from Q3 to Q4, compared with a 16% increase in total spend for static ads. And the trend was validated by results: these highly-personalized, dynamic ad campaigns delivered click costs per acquisition (CPAs) that were 60% lower than those for static campaigns.

Imagine seeing this kind of performance across multiple devices. Thanks to the recent migration from Flash to HTML5, dynamic ads on Facebook, and our Safari solution, it’s now easier than ever to bring these high-performance, personalized ad experiences to your customers on their smartphones and tablets.

To help you spruce up your dynamic ads—and make your holidays happier—we’ve put together a list of best practices for multi-device dynamic creative:

  1. Use clean, mobile-friendly designs. Straightforward ad designs are not only better suited to display across multiple devices, but they also load more quickly, helping you reach your audience more seamlessly.
  2. Keep messaging consistent. This one should already be a given, but it’s even more important during the holidays. To avoid confusing customers, check all creative to confirm that your promotions are consistent across different ad placements.
  3. Showcase multiple products. Dynamic carousel ads on Facebook can display the most relevant products to customers, regardless of device—desktop, mobile, or tablet. Each ad spotlights an individual product and its price. Consider including a call-to-action (CTA) button, such as “Shop now,” to encourage clicks.
  4. Schedule ad flighting. Save time and undue stress by using AdRoll ad flighting to set up your ad flights in advance. For example, instead of managing your Black Friday campaigns at midnight, you can catch some extra Zs and simply schedule those ads to automatically run for a single day starting at 12:01am.

For managed clients, AdRoll customizes beautiful dynamic ads that reflect your promotions, creative strategy, and, most importantly, brand. To get your ads spruced up with seasonal elements, simply supply our designers with the necessary assets:

  • Promo Text: Whether it’s “Free shipping on orders over $75” or a special promo code, showcase your holiday offers! If we receive this text in advance, AdRoll can change it on the fly for you, without a creative revision. This text should be fewer than 40 characters.
  • Assets: If your seasonal refresh includes special logos, graphics, or fonts that you would like to use, simply send everything to us in a compressed .zip file. If you don’t have anything particular in mind, not to worry—we’ll work with you to create something great.
  • Themes: Think about the overall feel you want your ads to convey. Ads can use your brand’s colors, traditional holiday colors, or even a completely different theme. If you decide to use specific hex colors, please let us know the codes when sending assets.

Follow these best practices for implementing and designing AdRoll Dynamic Creative, and feel relaxed and confident in Q4. Be on the lookout for more helpful holiday tips in the next couple of weeks!

Contact your AdRoll account manager to get started on your holiday Dynamic Creative ad campaigns. Not an AdRoll client yet? Sign up today!